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003 Sunshine (C) — Front by BurningAstronaut


Review > Tri-Klops (Masters of the Universe Classics)


Joe Amaro’s classic Grayskull makes us all jealous…again


  1. I hate it when that happens in the bathroom.

  2. dayraven

    dude, speaking of muscle, has anyone else ever looked up the romando kinnikuman line? sweet jebus some of those are awesome… although apparently, to get them, you must completely void your circulatory system into a gold cistern, do a perfect passo double w/ sandy duncan on mars, then blow a white rhino on four consecutive leap years.

  3. Cobra1977 (cobra.cre

    Yep! M.U.S.C.L.E.! ^^ Great stuff!

    I've just discovered that Marvel launched these "Handful of Heroes".. a clone of Kinnikuman/Muscle/Exogini/Gormiti… some are nice!


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