Real Ghostbusters: The Collect Call of Cthulhu

H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday was last week (August 20). I’ve been a fan of HPL’s eldritch fiction since I was a teenager, and share with him an affinity for all things weird, cosmic and New England.

In honor of HPL’s b-day, I present to you with the Real Ghostbusters episode “The Collect Call of Cthulhu.” It was written by Michael Reaves, who went on to write many of the best episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, Gargoyles and numerous other T.V. shows and novels. The episode is crammed full of Lovecraft and Cthulhu Mythos references–the kind that would probably be old hat nowadays, but back then I imagine it would have been quite a thrill for Lovecraft fans (I was a bit too young for HPL at the time, but a few years later I would have gotten the in-jokes). I should add that the depiction of Cthulhu himself is quite true to Lovecraft’s description.

And to keep things toy-related–I would have loved a Cthulhu RGB figure. The closest we got back then was Tendril.


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  1. Fengschwing

    I remember this one being on, I think I made my mum tape it as I wasn't going to be home from school in time to see it.

    I mix it up with the one where they use the Eiffel Tower as a huge containment grid.

    I think I had the West End Games Ghostbusters RPG as well, you got little Ghostbuster calling cards and stuff. They were big on cross overs too.

    Happy days.

  2. finkrod

    'Colour out of Space', best ever. Hell, just pick up the Library of America Lovecraft book. It has a few stinkers and one or two gems left out, but it's probably your best bet outside of the Arkham House hardcovers.

  3. Poe

    @MisterBigBo: I can loan you a few books, if you like. I recommend starting with "The Dunwich Horror," "The Whisperer in Darkness," "The Shadow Over Innsmouth," and "The Call of Cthulhu." If you like those, you can move on to "At the Mountains of Madness" and "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward."

  4. misterbigbo

    I just listened to a podcast from "Stuff You Should Know" about Cthulu and the Necronomicon. I've never read the Lovecraft stuff but might now.

  5. Poe

    I should add, I saw Ghostbusters at the Brattle Theater in Harvard Square over the weekend, and it was awesome. DMG and Red Kryptonite were also in attendance. However, I was the only person there wearing a Ghostbusters "No Ghost" t-shirt. Very sad, particularly since Wal-Mart's been selling them for $8 lately.

    As for this episode, one thing I really like is how they handle the cult's chanting…I don't know that I ever tried to conceive of what the chanting would have sounded like when I read the stories, but I think the sound editors went with a pretty creepy version.

  6. So awesome. I just listend my "Call of Cthulhu" audio play while driving to work this morning, and now here's this clip. Priceless!

  7. The Real Ghostbusters was such a good cartoon. It was a real treat we got such a good toon there, because they could have easily made a crappy one, but didn't.

  8. The Ghostbusters vs Cthulhu! I almost had a Geekasm.

    I also really want to see the Ghostbusters fight off more "Supernatural, but not necessarily ghost-y" threats.

  9. PrfktTear

    @Nik: Indeed. I have the MOTU box sets, and its very satisfying to own a portion of my childhood. I know not everyone in the MOTU-fandom is in love with the Filmation series, and admittedly the show's a little aged and corny, but it still has some strong episodes and is a lot of fun to watch.

  10. Nik

    I love that boxset so much. It's a wonderful set for my favorite cartoon show growing up. This episode is particularly awesome.

  11. PrfktTear

    Very nice! I would love the Time-Life 25 disc set with all 147 episodes of the series, but I guess I could settle for some of the individual discs.

    I think this Ghostbusters "renaissance" is gaining a lot of momentum. At the Rocky Horror Picture Show a couple weeks ago, someone was wearing a costume GB jumpsuit (sadly no proton pack). Then, this Saturday I went to an '80s themed party, and someone was wearing a Ghostbusters t-shirt. Great to see GB everywhere!

  12. finkrod

    Totally missed it being the old gents birthday. I'm a bit older than you Poe, so I actually remember seeing this and knowing what they were referencing at the time. Thanks for poesting as I haven't seen this episode in well over a decade.

    Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!

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