Shrines, Temples, and Stations

I know a number of you have admired the Moore Action Figure Display Base I’ve used to display some figures of my collection. Unfortunately, the thing is so rare as to be almost legendary.

However, I recently came across something that may serve in a pinch. It ain’t cheap, but your figures–be they 3 ¾”, 6″ or 12″–will look awesome on it.

It’s the Shrine of Dagon 12″ “figure environment” from Sideshow.

It’s designed for 12″ figures, but the nature of the design should look good with pretty much any sort of figure. After all, it’s the Shrine of Dagon, and we’re clearly talking H.P. Lovecraft’s Dagon and not the original Levantine deity, so the Cyclopean scale of the base compared to smaller figures is altogether fitting.

I can already see the four Ghostbusters standing on the bottom look up at Gozer, who’s flanked by two Terror Dogs; Hellboy taking on some fish-like beast; or Mer-Man holding court.

Or, y’know, a giant apple.

If you think your figures are up for it, you can order one here.

But wait! There’s more. If you prefer an Egyptian theme, there’s the Temple of Anubis. While it’s not quite as symmetrical as the Shrine of Dagon, it makes up for it by having an awesome statue. I imagine Dr. Fate would look right at home here.

Finally, if you’re looking for a more science fiction-style environment, there’s Reactor Station Alpha, which is just begging to show off your Star Wars or Halo figures, or perhaps serve as home base to the New Gods.


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  1. Needs to be more immersive, which is the same problem I have with the G.I. Joe Pit playset; it looks great for play, but bad for photos.

  2. captainzero

    These are cool… but a bit too expensive for me.

    I think you're right, Poe. Maybe if somebody made these out of plastic… to make them more affordable… they could be something our heroes could "jump on".

    I always hoped for a JLA or a JSA meeting room table… with some kind of "cheap" material backing for the backdrop of the meeting room.

    Someday,– somebody is going to find something that is affordable — for our heroes… that will give them a "sense of place".

  3. Sledgehama

    I think everyone is missing the really exciting part of this whole thing – the Apple! Check out the sculpting and paint work on that sucker! Man, would I love to get my hands on an Apple figure that cool!

    Do you think this is a tease that Sideshow might be starting up a whole Fruit line?

  4. RageTreb

    I don't see how these are supposed to be 12" scale unless that is an exceptionally large apple.

  5. I could see my Marvel Legends battling Apocalypse on that Shrine of Anubis base.

  6. De

    The old McFarlane Rob Zombie figure came with a neat, fair-sized, stone-like base. You could probably find one at a reasonable price.

  7. DankOne

    These look really awesome. But a bit on the pricey side for my tastes. Besides I don't have any virgin figures to put onto the Dagon shrine. Dagon like his virgins you know.

  8. Poe

    It'd be great if Sideshow considered making cheaper versions of these, maybe by hollowing them out and using plastic instead of polystone.

  9. Frogster

    Sideshow would do well to create maybe a darker themed say serpentine influenced environment for a certain purple clad skull faced villain. It would also work for Thulsa Doom too.

    I wouldn't be opposed to a green cobble stoned base with a background of dark green/grey stone bricks that might be a nice Castle Grayskull environment.

  10. PresidentJuggernaut

    They're all very cool, but $90 is just too much to even consider for these. I wouldn't pay half that.

  11. Those do look cool. I'd love to see some 3.75-inch figures on those, just to see how they look, since that last one might work well with my stormtroopers.

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