Walking Dead gets a TV show; countdown to figures begins


I’ve read The Walking Dead up through volume five or six, and I realize I need to catch up, because it’s some of the best comic storytelling out there right now (it even inspired me to write my own zombie-themed novella). Now it appears AMC is teaming up with Shawshank Redemption director Frank Darabont and Aliens/Terminator producer Gale Ann Hurd to make a TV show based on the comic. For those of you concerned about the amount of gore/strong language, apparently f-bombs get dropped all the time on Mad Men and AMC hosts the annual “Fear Fest” movie marathon around Halloween, so chances are it’ll be almost as gory/violent as it would be on HBO or something. (Also, excessive gore and swearing aren’t necessarily required for something to be good.)

The question is, will we get figures and if so, how long will it take? I figure if Heroes can get a toy line and the Walking Dead is as good as the first season of Heroes (not really a very high bar), then it’s only a matter of time. Who will it be? NECA? Mezco? Will the likes of Bif Bang Pow or Shocker Toys try to swoop in? I doubt we’ll see any movement on that front until we see how the show fares with viewers, but I do think there will be a few companies chomping at the brain for these.


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  1. I really enjoy Walking Dead, although I'm only up to vol. 9(easy to fall behind, it seems to take forever for trades to be released, and I forget about them for a while). I don't watch a whole lot of TV shows(not new shows, anyway), but I'll be all over this if it happens.

  2. Thomas B

    can't …wait…..

  3. DankOne


    Yes you do! 🙂

  4. jack

    I can really see this being very good, with a long story arc. Ever see Jeremiah on Showtime? End of the world wandering, meeting new people each place. This could be a mix of Route 66 and the TV series of Planet of the Apes, only it would have zombies instead of apes. Bring it on!!!

  5. Fengschwing

    I've heard nothing but good things about this title, I need to get my ass into gear and get the trades.

  6. DankOne

    I have been an Avid reader of this comic since the first issue. Kirkman is THE best comic scribe on the planet IMO. And it's about time someone picked this up for a show. I'm stoked. Kirkman and company deserve it! Now if we can get an Adult Astounding Wolf-man Cartoon all will be well in the universe.

  7. Motorthing

    This is where my nerd-credentials get busted. I read issues 1-6 on the recommendation of someone who told me it was the greatest thing since the Old-Testament for gore and violence but it left me pretty unmoved and I've never bothered with it again. It's an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it Zombie story….how many of those do we need?

    I blame Shaun of the Dead as I've pretty much not been able to take seriously any Horror stories/films ever since.

  8. Frowny McBeard

    As a regular viewer, they haven't shied away from harsh language but they aren't dropping the f-bomb all the time on Mad Men.

    What? It's a well written, decently acted, subtle drama that has Christina Hendricks.

    And I just finished the first 12 issues of Walking Dead, and I agree the first artist was better. There was a less stylized Jack Davis quality to his art that I liked, and his characters' facial expressions were killer.

  9. Poe

    Yeah, I do wish Tony Moore had stayed on the title. I like Adlard's art, but if Moore had stayed on it might have become one of the most legendary collaborations in comics history.

  10. finkrod

    I loved the first volume of this. It got a little too extreme for my tastes after a while. Good news though. Can't get enough zombies!

  11. Nik

    This is a glorious announcement.

    Thank you kind sir.

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