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It’s time to prepare for another round of Ask Mattel. Post them below and I’ll choose a few to submit to Mattel.

These questions will be submitted on October 1 and will be answered on October 15.


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  1. Emerald

    1.) It was hinted before that a "skull" character would be in DCUC wave 13. Did this hint refer to the Negative Man variant or another character moved to a later wave?

    2.) Are there any other product lines that could carry on the monthly subscription program like MOTU for 2010?

    3.) Is the possiblity for a Superman based Movie Masters line contingent on the success of the similar but non-related 12" figure line?

  2. Matt

    How does feel about the absurd prices that the harder to find figures go for on the secondary market (i.e. eBay)? Will be some sort of re-release of these figures to combat this exploitation? Also, after the Walmart exclusives contract runs out, will there be a re-release to other stores or possibly on Matty Collector?

  3. Sped

    Was there a change in the process for DCUC paint application on wave 9? I have most of them in hand and I have to say the paint app for skin tone and the eyes are significantly better than anything we've had in the past with this line.

  4. dayraven

    um, i'd like to second px's question and forfeit my other suggestion… as if it would have been asked anyway!

  5. orionpax636

    Are there any new details on the upcoming WWE line, particularly scale and articulation?

  6. Heli

    Even though this question almost certainly won't be picked, I'm a little curious about the "Matty" character you guys have created. Why did you feel the need to create a mascot to be used (apparently) exclusively for adult collector lines? Have you gotten good feedback about it? Most collectors I've talked to about Matty feel it's kind of silly at best.

  7. George

    Tim we already have it , it was in the Gotham 5-pack and will be release with the Kilowog Wave as well as a WGSH.

  8. Dyl

    Is there any interest to pursue a line of figures based on the designs of the Arkham Asylum game? The designs are subtley different to the mainstream, and would be a nice alternative.

  9. Barbecue17

    With the price increase taking effect with wave 11 and jumping these figures up to around 15+ each, many casual buyers and perhaps even collectors might be tempted to lines which are less expensive and easier to find.

    What is Mattel planning on doing to add to the perceived value of these figures? Walmart wave 10 featured some great accessories with the figures which helped make these figures feel worth the money spent on them? Will there be a conscious effort to include more accessories? How about including a stand with every figure, like the Target public enemies figures?

  10. Kevin

    Was wave 9 produced in more or less quantity than wave 7? Was the lack of etailer support (orders cut) related to not being able to order solid cases? Which BTW was an internal mattel issue.

  11. Tim

    Any chance we're going to get a black and grey Batman in the DCUC line. Maybe a reissue of the DC Superheroes Batman Select Sculpt..

  12. Bryan V.

    Now that Mattel has the likeness rights to some characters in Batman Dark Knight to make figures, are there any plans to make figures based off of Batman Begins, such as Ra's AL Ghul, Ducard, or a Ninja Figure?

  13. Fengschwing

    Would Matty be prepared to admit that quite a few mistakes have been made with the DCUC line? At the moment there are a lot of people who really love these toys and want to buy them but feel as though they are not being treated very well, wouldn't you agree this is wrong?

  14. Reverend Ender

    The new DCUC ball jointed wrists on Green Arrow are terrific. What is the likelihood of them being used more widely throughout the line?

    Also, Romat Ru and his ilk always seemed rather thin to me. Why did you decide to use the Black Manta body rather than the new, thinner, Deadman body?

    Also, may we please have some vehicles? I will pay an exorbitant sum for an in-scale 2 seater batmobile.

  15. JAVIS

    does the DARKSEID figure will include a "normal" globe to swith with the golden one?

  16. JAVIS

    is there a chance for Dr Sivana or Isis? because I found the DCD versions in a very good price , but I`ll wait if they will be included in the DCUC line.

  17. Omal13

    I know CS will have email soon. But can they look into past orders, which still hasn't received, while delivery confirmation email has received?

  18. Valo487

    If Mattel can't make Wave 9 available in acceptable numbers when it is a non-exclusive wave, why should we believe your assurances that Wave 10 will be better distributed than Wave 5?

    I doubt this will be picked, but I think it's a good question. I also second LBAM's question.

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