DCUC10 hits retail

Abandon hope, all ye who collect DCUC!

DCUC Wave 10 has been found, and the hunt is officially on. Will DCUC10 be as woefully scarce as DCUC5? Despite all the gloom and doom among collectors out there, I think not. But we shall see.

Good hunting!


New DCUC at Entertainment Earth


Review > Gandalf the White (Return of the King, ToyBiz)


  1. Well, I'll make this short. ,

  2. americanhyena


    Specifically FE user RoyalT. He's a good bloke.

  3. americanhyena

    Hey, fellas. It looks like I already lined up a buyer on the Fantastic Exclusive boards, but I think there are a couple other peeps that can help you find one on there too. If this deal falls through I'll let you guys know.

  4. Poe

    @Chuck20: Congrats, man!

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