King Randor Carded

Everyone’s favorite (burger) king is revealed in all his glorious packaging glory on Mattel’s Facebook page.

The bio reads:

Real Name: Randor of the house of Miro

King Miro’s second born son, Randor came of age during the Great Unrest, a time when conflict returned to Eternia following the Count Marzo Uprisings and the subsequent betrayal by his half brother Keldor. After the disappearance of his father, Randor was appointed captain of the guard and lead Miro’s troops in battle against Keldor’s growing rebellion. Randor eventually ended the battles by fatally wounding Keldor and locking his evil warriors behind the mystic wall. For this act he was appointed King by the Council of Elders. King Randor raises his staff exulting his rule over Eternia!


On a side note, I’m calling it: MOTUC Count Marzo in 2010.


Review > Gandalf the White (Return of the King, ToyBiz)


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  1. mjurny23

    Love the Randor figure.

    Didn't Toyguru say Marzo would be released at a specific time? Can't remember when, and I think it was a joke but just curious…

  2. Replicant

    This figure looks much better than I thought he would! I'm really digging the sword and classic colors.

  3. Interesting. I wonder if the cape is removable. Though, thus far it seem that most caped MOTU characters don't have that option.

    I always liked the original Randor toy's colors, the red and blue cape, the gold on his armor and crown, plus the inexplicable reddish brown legs… 😉

  4. Thomas B

    i love the bio. i still get a BK vibe from him. however when BK made a king theri mascot i got a randor( albeit creepier) vibe from him.

    i already went on record saying we will be getting a marzo this year or next at the latest. i say he'd make a great SDCC exclusive.

  5. I definitely don't need The King staring at me from the toy collection. Those commercials are creepy enough without bringing this guy into my house.

  6. dayraven

    @PrfktTear: i think it's sculpted on… so you'll be getting it their way!

    that sword looks excellent however. i'm excited for the fig, even if i haven't yet figured out how he'll work in the dayravenverse.

  7. Randor of the house of Miro

    Thats very Klingon sounding… 😉

    I'm looking forward to Randor and having it my way.

    I wonder if the crown is sculpted on or if it is removable…

  8. finkrod

    It hurts my soul that I have to pay for this figure. It represents all the fruitacular aspects of MOTU to me.

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