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  • The Fwoosh has a first look at the DCUC Karu Sil/Romat Ru two-pack. That “dog” thing is awesome, and even better, it can serve double-duty as a bad guy for your Ghostbusters figures.
  • DST’s latest Q&A is up, this time focusing on Minimates. Our own Rustin Parr has a question in there, sacrificing his dignity to beg for a Minimate Delorean.
  • If you miss the toy review roundups I used to post here (via Fanmode), The Articulated One has picked up the slack over at Articulated Discussion. You can check out the latest roundup here. They’re pretty damned thorough.
  • Reading the first book of Glen Cook’s Black Company series right now. Has anyone else read these? Does anyone else actually read anything longer than a hundred and forty characters anymore?
  • Grades for the shows I watched last week: [How I Met Your Mother: B] [Big Bang Theory: B+] [NCIS: B+] [NCIS Los Angeles: B] [Warehouse 13: A-] [Psych: A] [Simpsons: B-] [Cleveland Show: C] [Family Guy: A-] (Haven’t watched Dollhouse yet)
  • Seriously, last night’s Family Guy was great. The Disney sequence was amazing (and no doubt incredibly expensive). The Stewie/Brian episodes are almost always gold.


Last chance to enter the “Make Your MasterPOEce” Contest!


Any questions for Mattel?


  1. J_Stone

    I did, indeed, read the Black Company series. I even reviewed it somewhere. Short version, I liked it.

  2. finkrod

    Man, I don't watch not one same show as you guys. Though I did eat some Datura seeds and watch Lamberto Bava's 'Demons'. I forgot how awesome that movie is.

  3. So what was Glen Cook's first book? I didn't get any farther than that…

    Family Guy was great… I could watch that Disney segment over and over again. I loved how they had the balls to make a Jewish joke on the weekend on Rosh Hashanah. Did anyone else find the JFK joke a little too tasteless? Not even as much that they had Mayor McCheese… but when Jackie O ate his burger brains? They really hit it out of the park though. The Robot Chicken segment was funny too, nice cameos by He-Man, Optimus Prime, Lion-O, and Duke. My favorite though was the title card with Stewie as Gollum and Brian as Frodo!

    What I did catch part of The Cleveland Show I did enjoy. I was a little preoccupied setting up my other DVR. I didn't get to catch HIMYM last week because apparently I had already set my main DVR to record Heroes (whyyyy?!?!), thus necessitating the need for my spare DVR as I don't usually get home until after its over. The Big Bang was great… glad Leonard finally got with Penny… except now its "weird". Did anyone else catch the "evil Spock" van dyke that Sheldon was sporting when they returned? Does anyone else watch Two and a Half Men? Its kinda low brow humor, but they're usually pretty clever about getting away with being really dirty…

    NCIS was good… glad they mostly resolved the Ziva story line… I wasn't really into it. NCIS: LA looks interesting, more of a James Bond-ish feel.

    One of the other shows I'm into is The Mentalist, kind of a slow start, but they certainly seem to have tried to mix things up a bit. All of the CSI's which I'm hooked on now were all solid B's.

  4. The first three or four Black Company books were amazing. After that it became such a chore to read them that I stopped.

  5. Cade

    @Poe: oh yeah, no doubt…

  6. Poe

    @Cade: You-know-who is totally alive though–I'm sure he had the Phoenix with him.

  7. Cade

    Seriously, the way they ended warehouse 13 last week was killer.

  8. I have read every Black Company novel, and just about every Glen Cook novel there is. Highly recommend the "Garret PI" series. For my money, given the breadth and depth of his work, Cook is the greatest living American fantasist.

  9. Nicholai

    I tried to read the Black Company, but I find I can't get into books in the first person.

    I would have given the season premiere of NCIS an A- as it was a great episode!

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