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Poe’s note: I’ve been thinking about the ToyBiz Lord of the Rings line a lot lately…this was an incredible line. Marvel Legends-style articulation on near-McFarlane level sculpting and paint apps, incredibly character variety, all in scale with one another, PLUS NECA made the full-scale Balrog…this is Shambhala, people.


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  1. Mark

    After getting my Aragorn, and looking at a lot of the other figures in the first series they seemed pre-posed andhad stupid gimmick which kind of wrecked them for me….I now know they got rid of the gimmick in the later TT and ROTK figures….might pick a few up on eBay as I am starting to read the books.

  2. I sold off most of mine last year. I kept the best ones, including Sauron. I found many of them sub-par after a while, with many stuck or far too loose joints, and a few sculpts that weren't very good. Overall, though, it was a fun line, and I enjoyed collecting it while it lasted. Once they repackaged them at $4.99 each, they were an absolute steal.

    Never could afford that Balrog, though, and that makes me sad. 🙁

  3. There's a few I still need to pick up…Hama and Shelob come to mind…and certain elements of my LOTR collection were lost in a bad relationship. Including a PJ as Hobbit, Aragorn with Brego and Legolas with Arod, both of which I had gotten for a clearance price of $10. I hate that girl.

  4. Mark

    Wish I had collected this intire line but I was in college when they came out….I did pick up an Aragorn from the first series but gave it to my cousin as he is a massive fan.

  5. Reverend Ender

    I wish I had been collecting then, as I grew up reading LOTR. I DID just get a pretty sweet lot of them on ebay though, mint in box, for $40 + shipping I got:

    Frodo (Goblin Armor)

    Samwise Gamgee




    Witch King Ringwraith


    Prologue Bilbo

  6. This is the line that made me a toy collector. Definitely my favorite line of all. The NECA Balrog is amazing.

  7. aguardiandevil

    one of the great est figures and lines ever.

    @ben yea youre right but I do wish the planned final waves came to fruition.

  8. Dead Man Walking

    That Sauron is one of the best figures ever made. No argument.

  9. Ben

    I am sort of glad it ended when it did. The line was very complete with a wide variety of main and secondary characters as well as army builders. I think it's going to stand the test of time as one of the greatest action figure lines ever produced.

  10. Nicholai

    Definitely a line I would have been interested had I been collecting when it came out. Have to keep an eye out for decent figures when the Hobbit finally comes out.

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