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lotr20040311_05 by Lin1000.tw


Worried about Walmart and DCUC Wave 10? Sign here.


New He-Man movie even less likely than before


  1. Meh.

    That Line was a real pain for me. Literally half of my figures suffered from stuck joints or lost arms and legs 5 seconds after coming out of the blister. Not even my old McFarlane toys figures broke that easily.

  2. dayraven

    dude, that pic got me drooling… just too damn cool man!!

  3. Emerald

    I would have bought that many Elfen archers if I could have found them. Great line and definitely Toybiz's best. You could see Jesse Falcon's enthusiam for it and I think the line was relatively successful.

    I've always thought LOTR could've had the potential to be the next Star Wars-like franchise if nurtured. I guess nothing equals Lucas's control over his own creation though. I read somewhere he actually owns 30% of Hasbro stock- not sure if it's true but it wouldn't surprise me. The Tolkiens don't have any creative input – they just collect their checks.

  4. aguardiandevil

    The elrond and prolouge elf are two of my favorite figures.

  5. Mario

    I don't particularly care for the line, but one has to admit that they are Toy Biz's crowning achievement.

  6. I have that Elrond. Only mine has two left hands. I was extremely irritated because I'd looked for him forever.

    Too bad 75% of my LotR figures were stolen from storage several years ago (along with many other toys). This effectively killed my interest in the line since many of them were hard enough to come by the first time.

    Thankfully my favorite vrsions and characters were, for the most part, still on display. I lost almost all of my Orcs/Goblins/etc though.

  7. dwaltrip

    Awesome pic.

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