Teela v3.0

Came across this photo from the Fwoosh review of Teela–I’m posting it now because I don’t own a vintage or 2002 Teela to compare to when I eventually write my review.

But what struck me is this is the first time the MOTUC figure appears to be flat-out better, in all ways, than the 2002 figure. In addition to the articulation, she looks more detailed and has better paint applications.



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  1. Mark

    MOTUC Teela is a nice figure, but there is something not quite right about the face.

  2. DrNightmare

    Ew, MOTUC Teela looks awful, depressed even.

    At least the 200x version looks like she's high in the sky xD

  3. Dead Man Walking

    @Kid Nicky: Several times within the past year, on TV in and in real life.

  4. finkrod

    Well he's a heel, what do you expect? I'm surprised he didn't call them figurines. Though "doll" is a bit more deragatory due to the feminine conotations.

    The MOTUC is the best looking of the lot, with the 2002 figure looking a bit too Latoya Jackson in the face.

    I do hope they fixed the new ones dumper though. Since she doesn't seem to have too much going on up top, she needs to have a big Serena Williams can. As a wise man once said to me: "Girls either have big boobs or a big behind. It's a rare thing indeed to find one with both."

  5. Kid Nicky

    OK,if Triple H of all people is your measuring stick,I don't know what to tell you.

  6. RocketPunch

    @Kid Nicky: Triple H referred to the WWE figures as dolls a couple of weeks ago on Raw.

    Most people I know personally just call them toys.

  7. Kid Nicky

    The funny thing is that while I am not a big Filmation fan, my ultimate Teela would be Filmation based. MYP Teela is close, but I think Filmation Teela is just SO damn pretty!

    One of the best animation models of all time. Say what you will about the corniness of the show,but the character designs were incredible.

    Anyways, it’s all relative. To the majority of people, your “action figures” are “dolls.”

    When was the last time you heard someone seriously call a G.I. Joe or a He-Man or what have you a "doll"? I mean,not just some friend or family member trying to bust your balls,but someone who honestly refers to these toys as dolls?

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