And the winner of the Sonic contest is…


…Newton Gimmick, for his legendary tale of Alien Syndrome and the too-ridiculous-to-believe story about the power going out seconds after beating the boss.

Anyway here’s my story. I dunno how “funny” it is, but in hindsight I find it hilarious and sad.

When I was a kid our first major system wasn’t a Nintendo, rather it was a Sega Master System. Sure we’d had Ataris and stuff before that, but my Brother and I were both a bit older now and could really get a good system. My Dad told my brother not to get a Sega because he said they were going to fail and to get a Nintendo, but for whatever reason my Brother defied him and we ended up with the Master System.

That alone in itself is pretty funny since my Dad was totally right, but alas that’s really not the story. One of the games we had was Alien Syndrome. An incredible game for it’s time and still a lot of fun. NES never got that game I believe. Anywho, the first boss was nicknamed “Squeamy” by us and I have no idea if that’s his real name or not.

My brother was a few years older and he was pretty good at beating the bosses but for whatever reason I could never get past Squeamy. I played this game all the damn time and couldn’t ever beat the first boss. I could beat later bosses if my brother got me past Squeamy, but this guy just wouldn’t be beaten by me.

One night my brother goes off to take a shower before bed and I’m frantically playing Alien Syndrome and I make it to Squeamy and beat him! HUZZAH! Hooray! And then, POOF, the power goes out. About 45 seconds later it comes back on and here my brother comes out from the shower, as I try to tell him how I finally beat Squeamy… But alas, no evidence.

I’m not sure if he ever has believed I beat Squeamy that night. But I did damn it! I did.

Sure, NG, we believe you.

Anyway, you get to dry those tears a bit with a 3″ Sonic the Black Knight figure.


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Corn Sword


  1. Yeah but if it was a bootleg, I would have never gotten it. I loved that Master System game though.

    The light game was awesome too… WAY better than Duck Hunt.

    As was the Motorcycle game and that awesome space game I had. They were much better than a lot of Nintendo games. But Nintendo was sturdier and had Mario and stuff.

  2. ThreeDirectionFire

    Alien Syndrome was actually released as an unlicensed game for the NES by Tengen. It's actually a bit better than the Master System version in many respects because the screen actually scrolls when you move to another part of the level, rather than the SMS's function of just switching one screen with another.

  3. MechaShiva

    Haha,the fish that got away story.There is a nice 3d overhaul of Alien Syndrome for Ps2 in the Sega classics collection.

  4. Kid Nicky

    Alien syndrome is a damn fine game. I never did play the modern Wii remake though.

  5. dayraven

    congrats NG. i for one, believe you, for all that gets you.



    I'm still in the process of finding a good emulator and rom of the game to play and see. As my Sega Master System bit the dust years ago.

    I think I could totally take him.

    Thanks again Poe, this will certainly help heal those old wounds. I have to tell my brother because I'm sure he'll think this is hilarious.

  7. Woohoo! Congrats Newton!

  8. Fengschwing

    Congrats Newton, does Squeamy still give you trouble these days?

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