“Make Your MasterPOEce” Stage 2: The Poll

The entries are in, and it’s time to take the “Make Your MasterPOEce” contest to the next stage. Originally, the plan was to choose the top 3 entries and then have you, the people, vote on it, but after seeing all the great entries, we decided to change it up a bit. Instead of just three, I’m going to post every

entry below.

Check them out, then vote in the sidebar for your favorites. You can choose up to 3 favorites. Please review all the entries before you vote. Let’s give everyone their due!

The poll starts today and ends on midnight Eastern time on Teela Day, October 15 (meaning 11:59 PM on the 15th, just before it becomes the 16th).

The prizes, as you’ll recall, are as follows: For the Grand Prize Winner, a custom MOTUC Poe Ghostal based on their design created by Passion Designs, Inc., as well as a carded 2002 He-Man signed by the Four Horsemen. The runner-up wins a MOTUC Mer-Man. In the event of a tie, the winner(s) will be decided via a run-off poll.

Let’s meet the contestants! I’m going to post them in the order they were received.

1.) First up is Hillbilly Werewolf. Here’s how he describes his design:

Here is my conceptual art for the Poe Ghostal MOTU action figure contest. I did not include a “Classics” description of this character as I am shooting for a pure 80s style, but in my imagination Poe Ghostal is a master sneak attack artist and assassin! He buries himself up to his neck amongst the vegetation of Eternia (where he is incognito due to the fact that his head looks like a pumpkin), and lies in wait to ambush his victims. Once the mark gets within arms’ length of him – BOOM (!!!) – he explodes out of the ground and attacks! Poe Ghostal has trained a giant mutant raven named Spector to scout his prey.

The “cardback” design was drawn by hand, colored in photoshop, and is modeled after the art that lined the top of the (back of the) cards of the original MOTU packaging.

The “cross-sell” design was photoshopped together to make it look as authentic as possible. In keeping with 80’s canon, the cross-sell art has slight differences in design from the final product.

The custom figure was cobbled together using parts from Clawful and Mekaneck. The armor was made from a generic Halloween bank, the holster/belt is from the Dick Tracy line, and the collar is a TMNT belt. The machete comes from a Jason Voorhees figure. The head comes from a generic Halloween toy that is supposed to grab onto the end of a pencil. I really like this head because it is made out of soft rubber and you can squish it between your fingers, much like the heads of the original MOTU figures. Poe Ghostal also has the “Twist and Slash/Punch” action feature prevalent among the first generation MOTU figures.

The Spector design was photoshopped. Historically, Mattel loves to re-use molds with this line, so in this case Spector would simply be Zoar/Screech (and technically the “Eagle” from the Big Jim line) re-painted black with red eyes.




2.) Next we have John Lagasca (MechaShiva), who provided his entry in the form of a classic minicomic:


3.) Jeff M. Donato created an entire world around the Poe Ghostal concept:

On the fringes of Eternia, there are great streams of ethereal magic. If one were to leap into one of these streams, they would immediately be torn to atoms. However, if one were lucky- or endowed with phantasmic powers, they might be able to slip through the torrent of mystic energies and escape, unscathed- into another dimension.

One such dimension is the realm of Sceptoran. This realm is home to three powerful, elemental kings who are locked in a perpetual war for power. A mysterious fire sorceress calling herself Redviolet, manages to negotiate and uneasy truce between these three kings with the aid of her lap dog, the jester known as Hippus Quickfoot. Redviolet lures the kings into an ancient cave that leads to a forbidden doorway. It is there Redviolet plans to sacrifice them to a godlike power that legend says can grant control over time itself to the one who brings it souls upon which to feed.

Redviolet’s plan falls apart, however- when Hippus Quickfoot turns on her, revealing that he has obtained a powerful weapon that he plans to use to take control of the element of time for himself.

A titanic battle ensues between these five characters and is only brought to a halt when the mysterious Poe Ghostal makes his presence known. He had followed them into the cave, and had come from another dimension to prevent what was about to happen. “I cannot allow you to open that door,” he says… drawing his weapon, some kind of laser gun. But it was too late! The battle had been so violent, that the cave was beginning to collapse. One of the kings makes the choice to unlock the forbidden green door….

The cave is filled with a blinding light, and almost instantly, all six beings are whisked away to the dimension of the other side of the door… Eternia!

Of course this would eventually result in encounters between these characters and He-Man. I thought that Poe Ghostal, King Quantus and King Volvox would befriend He-Man, and Hippus Quickfoot, King Sinean and Redviolet would side with Skeletor. Many epic battles would follow.

1. Poe Ghostal is sort of “Orco-ish”, as i wanted to pretend I was working as though we had to reuse the same molds for new figures (ie: Mossman and Beastman, Faker and He-Man). I also gave him a gun resembling Zodac’s, and I covered his mouth- to hint that he is hiding something, like his phantom vampire fangs, or his voice of which a mere whisper could destroy any dimension he enters, but does not belong in!

2. Hippus Quickfoot is designed to be the “trickster” character that He-Man has always been lacking. I think he would present a whole new set of challenges for both He-Man and Skeletor to deal with! He is agile, his ‘boots of leaping’ enable him to practically fly. He can shapeshift, and he possesses the ‘thunder hammer’, which can contend with any power sword!

3. Redviolet is designed much like Shadow Weaver, but is beautiful and seductive beneath her shroud. I designed her based on one of the many She-Ra figures, but with a more detailed costume.

4. All three kings have aspects of other He-Man figures. Examples: King Quantus’ armor is based on Zodacs’ armor mixed with Jitsus’. King Sinean has elements of Beastmans’ design.




4.) CP was encouraged by one his students to enter the contest:


5.) Grasshopperis envisioned a more wizardly Poe:


6.) Frogster brought of mixture of haunted and heroic:


7.) MisterBigBo envisioned a more futuristic look for PG:


8.) The Flash III offers up this description:

Controllor, petty puppeteer of Skeletor. Poe Ghost-al molds figures of He-Man and his heroic allies from mystic clay, binds them to thier living counterparts with his magic scepter, and makes them do his bidding with his fiendish dominator helmet.

Accessories: Scepter, mini He-Man


9.) Agliarept‘s Poe strikes a classic fantasy pose:


10.) Mountain-Man features Poe as part-raven himself:


11.) And finally, Naugem depicts Poe as a barbarian scribe:



Review > Joker (DC Universe Classics)


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  1. susan

    Congratulations, Jeff! you people should hire him!!!!!

  2. SuperDan

    Mountain Man's is definitely the best. Both in concept and execution.

  3. Wow! I never expected so many people to take time out of their day to vote for my designs. I told my friends and I posted on Facebook and Myspace, (oh the wonders of social networking), and this thing just ballooned from there. It goes to show what you can do with a little public relations campaign, heh heh. I entered this contest at the behest of my good friend Brent, who is just about the biggest He-Man fan this side of Eternia. I will be giving the figures to him. He will be very excited. For me, the honor is in winning amidst so many awesome entries, and seeing how many people were rooting for me. Thanks to all!

  4. CP!!!!!!!!!!

    This comment is a vote for CP.

  5. Lord Rhinoceros Natu

    Go MechaShiva ALL IN AT THE RIVER!!! He's a got mah vote..and those of my factory workers as well 😀

  6. Big Sven Leatherpopo

    @Ben Gilmore:

    what do you know abt mr donato's…stuff..

  7. Big Sven Leatherpopo

    Mechasilva's work is epic. Like the old greek legends and ohhh those arms…I VOTE MECHASILVA and all Olympus does…even poseidon says…a vote for mechasilva is a vote for a great figure.

  8. janne

    Jeff M. Donato gets my vote

  9. Hordak

    I voted for MechaShiva cause i *grunt* like the way he protaryted mantenna and grizzler.


    the only original looking one of the whole bunch.

  10. Ben Gilmore

    I vote for Donato and I know something about this stuff

  11. Phoebe

    Me too for Donato!

  12. Hannah

    Second that Donato vote!

  13. Hilary Gilmore

    Definitely Donato!

  14. King Dirty South

    John Lagasca for ruler of the HORDE!!!! seriously. great work.

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