MOTU, punctuated

Seriously, can we settle this once and for all?

  • Trapjaw? Trap Jaw? Trap-Jaw? Trap-Jaw?
  • Scareglow? Scare Glow? Scare-Glow? Scare-glow?
  • Beastman? Beast Man? Beast-Man? Beast-man?
  • Merman? Mer Man? Mer-Man? Mer-man?
  • Mossman? Moss Man? Moss-Man? Moss-man?
  • Buzzoff? Buzz Off? Buzz-Off? Buzz-off?
  • Man-At-Arms? Man-at-Arms?
  • Man-E-Faces? Man-e-Faces?
  • Evil-Lyn? Evil-lyn?

As a sometimes-copyeditor, this bugs me. Yes it’s pedantic, but I don’t care. Can we get a consensus on this, please?

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure about:

  • He-Man
  • Snake Face
  • Sy-Klone
  • Two-Bad


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  1. How about the number of "S"s in Sssqueeze's name? Or is it just Squeeze?

  2. Griffin

    I think the biggest problem here is that Mattel is so random about which character they decide to punctuate which way. I never remember the way to do it right for each character. Plus typos.

  3. I've decided for myself that some characters name simply vary depending on the toyline.

    Trap Jaw = Vintage

    Trapjaw = 200x

    Scare Glow = Vintage

    Scareglow = MotU Classics

    King Hiss = Vintage

    King Hssss = 200x & MotU Classics

    So, when I wrote his vintage review, I typed "Scare Glow". My MotU Classics review will be titled "Scareglow".

    The other ones you mentioned are the same in every canon (at least so far). Nathan already typed them correctly.

  4. Mark

    Just go by what it says on the card.

  5. I think however the name is represented on the vintage cards is how they should be referred. So, if I read the cards correctly, it should be:

    Trap Jaw

    Scare Glow

    Beast Man


    Moss Man





    The others you mentioned are representative of the vintage cards, except I think "Two-Bad" should be "Two Bad" (no hyphen).

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