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One of my pledges last year was to bring back the “Joes for Tots” contest come hell or high water. Well both came and I’m busy working behind the scenes to ensure that Joes for Tots once again encourages collectors to give to kids. If you’re unfamiliar with how it works let me get you up to speed quickly: If you donate a toy(s) to Toys For Tots you can send a picture of yourself doing so and that counts as an entry to the contest. You can also donate cash to their website and send in the proof of the online donation (they give you a receipt with no credit card info on it). Either way, your good deed might get you just a little something extra.

Last year’s contest was a blast and I’m hoping this year will be ten awesome, so keep watching Poe Ghostal’s fine site here for the official announcement with what the prizes will be along with more expanded rules and what not. You can also check out the official Twitter page if you want news bites even sooner at:

I would like to mention that while I’ve already got some great prizes in the pipeline from some fantastic sponsors, we still need more to make this the baddest most kick arse contest around. So if you own a toy shop, make toys, or even want to share something totally awesome of your own as a prize, please contact me at I’ll also need support to get the word out, so I’ll be posting more on how you can help do that in the near future.


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  1. I will definitely be donating again as well.

  2. PresidentJuggernaut

    Glad to see this back. I'll definitely be donating again.

  3. Thomas B


    wow…that is awesome. i usually donate 200-400$ worth of toys each year. it is the least i can do since toys bring ME so much joy from childhood all the way to adult childhood lol

  4. hrdwrkngXsoldier

    I have Chuck at Comic Evolution ready to team up with my Clinic again this year. Last year Chuck and his customers matched every joe toy we donated with other toys, we donated almost $10,000.00 in toys last year. We are trying to partner up with a local radio station to get even more donations this year. Our goal is to start earlier and see if we can double last years contribution.

  5. Can we donate games? I have many games.

  6. Definitely glad to see this coming back.

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