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Safari Joe by Fanboy30


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  1. Mark

    @MechaShiva: He was deffinently a peg warmer, I got him in 92, although the show was still on over here at the time, still have him along with all the others.

    I would love the 4H to do them….but can't really say I want Matel to do them….as I said if its not a proper toyline in shops or at a regular affordable price I am not interested.

  2. elvis8batman

    I had all the Thundercats toys as a kid and would love the 4H to bring them back. But does anyone else think Safari Joe looks a bit like the Sarge from Mad Max?

  3. Mario

    Man, if the Horsemen got their mitts on this license… bliss.

  4. finkrod

    Bring back the Thundercats!

  5. MechaShiva

    Haha,I had this toy,he was shelfwarming 10 years later.Always wanted him to have a revolving gatling gun but it was a soft sculpted lump instead.

  6. Mark

    I love the Thundercats toys. If any toyline deserves another run and a movie or new tv series with toyline (not internet exclusive crap like MOTUC) its Thundercats.


  7. Heli


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