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  1. I still like watching the movie every once in a while.

    The toyline was awesome as well! The articulation wasn't the best, but the sculpts and accessoires rocked!

  2. izdawiz

    I managed to pick up the Horse and the set w/ two Headless Horsemen figures in excellent condition and all of the rest of the figures and accessories at a thrift store ALL included for $17.

    The Horse was still twisty tied in the massive box and everything and all accessories were accounted for. I should drag it out for Halloween.

    That was a lucky find for me.

  3. Rustin Parr

    Erin – very cool site, indeed!

    RE: Sleepy Hollow – I effin' HATE that movie. Great cast, great production design, cool concept, all for not… alas.

    It is my not-so-secret desire that NECA pick up the rights and do a Horsemen figure with a bit more articulation.

  4. Barbecue17

    Definitely one of my favorite scary movies and one of my top 3 Tim Burton Films!

    I managed to pick up every figure from this set (most can be found quite inexpensively on ebay) and they are all fantastic.

    In my opinion, this was really the time when McFarlane was at the top of its games. An excellent figure and the only action figure of Christopher Walken that I know of!

  5. dwaltrip

    That picture is awesome.

  6. Poe

    @Erin: I love the movie.

    Nice site, btw!

  7. I know there aren't many who'd agree, but I really like that movie.

  8. dayraven

    the horsemen was sweet as hell, no? i loved the version on the horse as well… but of course, never saw either locally when they weren't jacked up to scalper prices.

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