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Pendragon’s Post got in touch with Melissa O’Brien, the Senior Manager PR & Brand Reputation for Walmart, and got the inside scoop on DCUC10 from Walmart’s perspective. It’s a great scoop and a fascinating read, and comes complete with a list of Walmarts nationwide that are supposed to be carrying DCUC10 (whether they actually have them in stock at the moment is another story entirely). Some of the more salient points from the piece include:

  • DC Universe is hard to keep in stock because it does sell out quickly. They do realize this is a popular item and it why they increased the order from 1,800 stores to 3,000 store.
  • They are considered a collectible and not a standard toy like GI Joe or Transfromers, and that makes for smaller purchasing amounts for DCUC.
  • They determine with stores get Wave 10, by the total number of sales in each store. The higher the overall action figures sales are, the greater the chance that store will get DCUC.


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  1. captainzero

    This is all about…painful.

  2. clark

    I'm glad this list was released, it eliminated two of the walmarts I'd been checking out. I did incidentally find all of wave 10 at the walmart closest to me when I went in to buy something not toy related, and walked out with that something, a Joker, and Man-bat.

  3. The Super WM nearby me was clogged with 26 Wave 7 + Cyborg and Batmany Beyond variants. Now they're down to 16… maaaybe in another month they'll start stocking 10!!!

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