Wanted: Questions for Mattel


It’s time, my little Poesters, to harangue Mattel in the wake of the Great Teela Disaster of 2009. But I kid the mega-corporation who really needs to get on the same page with its mediocre webstore management company!

As always, polite (but firm), thoughtful, new questions will get preference over mean-spirited diatribes about, say, the distribution of DCUC (dude, we know).


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  1. Dave

    Let's face it, bad girls are more fun; Are we going to see a Black 'bad' version of Mary Marvel in DCUC?

  2. JAVIS


  3. Bases would be a great way to add value to the DCU figures. I only have a couple stands, but I find they are helpful for keeping some of the more difficult figures to pose standing up.

  4. DankOne


    Well said!

  5. Barbecue17


    When will we see bases included with each DCUC figure? The Public Enemies figures all came with bases and that was a great idea. This would go a long ways to making the figures price tags more palatable.

  6. IamBatman

    How awesome would a Dick Grayson as Batman and Damien Wayne as Robin DCUC figures be?!

  7. Mark

    What are the chances of MOTUC getting a more domestic release.

  8. Motorthing

    Mattel – your Webstore MattyCollector is to put it politely but firmly, not good.

    Why did you feel that it would improve with allowing Digital River total control (ie: Customer services/interface functions) of it?

    Chances of that getting answered – 0.

  9. TripleM

    1. Can we please have a new poll about any fan interest in DCUC playsets and vehicles? (I suspect that there would be a keen interest in a Batcave, Crime Alley, Batmobile, Batcycle, Batplane, Whirly-Bat, Invisible Jet, Jokermobile, Brainiac Spacecraft, Oa, Hall of Justice, Hall of Doom, Titan's Tower, Daily Planet, Fortress of Solitude….to name a few.)

    2. DCUC: Any more of Flash's Rogues on the drawing board?

    3. What's the long-range plan for the World's Greatest (Mego-style) line? Is this a collectors only line? Playsets planned? Vehicles? Any hints as to upcoming characters?

    4. Is there really any interest in DCIH? How about retooling them with 4H designs and starting all over again?

    5. Is JLU finally dead?

  10. Reverend Ender

    What is the reasoning behind spacing out the releases of the 6 inch Ghostbuster figures so far apart? I know I am not an industry insider, but to my layperson's brain, it seems like Mattel could make a lot more money by releasing more figures/variants sooner, to keep people interested and let them buy more. I'm fairly certain that most people who buy these are buying them all, and will take every figure/variant that they can get their hands on; Oftentimes buying multiples. I know I do. I mean, more purchases in a shorter period of time = more money per quarter for Mattel, does it not?

  11. Thomas B

    approximately when will we see a ghost released in the GB line that is a single carded toy for examnple the library ghost often mentioned.

    since it was expressed by toyguru on the he-man.org board that the bonus figures sales need to "pick up steam" what sort time frame is a GOOD sell out and what is a BAD sell out?

    it just seems odd since a sell out is a sell out and this "needs to pick up steam contradicts what has been said previously about Mattel's desire to have the figures "up for 2-3 weeks".

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