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The choices for Star War’s fans choice figure are still available to be voted on and I finally got a chance to check them out. You’ve got the usual assortment of background aliens that no normal person should care about, some of Padme’s Decoys, and Uncle Owen’s Dad. This thing is like a Hall of Shame for Star Wars. Here are just a few of the terrible, terrible choices:

Kitster Banai and Wald


The text for this one is priceless, ” Anakin’s little buddies have never received figures, yet they’re prominent on-screen.” Prominent on-screen does not equal worthy of being an action figure, rather its just one of Lucas’s biggest blunders.

Ben Quadinaros


And this obese Jiminy Cricket alien design is exactly why it’s hard to take Star Wars the least bit seriously.

Tey How


I can see this super racist alien just flying off the shelves.

Jocasta Nu


What makes a great action figure? Not a ancient, crabby ass space librarian that’s for sure.

Dash Rendar


Remember that watered down Han Solo stand in that disappeared in the ’90s along with quilted shoulder pads? I tried to forget him.

Bastila Shan


Yes, please give us the most boring looking characters in Knights of the Old Republic, not Canderous Ordo, Mission Vao or a re-release of Darth Revan so he could be more affordable.

Still, the list isn’t entirely bad. There’s a few figures like Darth Plagus, the female Ion Control operator, and a brand new Grand Moff Tarkin that would be worth it. My favorite is a more neutral posed Barriss Offee who is one of the coolest looking Jedi ever… and I kind of have a crush on her. There I said it. Now go and vote.


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  1. The Lobster

    Luckily, I got my Revan and Malak when they first came out for retail price. I had no idea they were so expensive now…

  2. Man, Jorus C'Boath hasn't gotten a figure yet? A travesty!

    At least, to those of us whose knowledge of Star Wars fandom only extends through the "Wraith Sqaudron" books and stopped cold at the Yuuzhan Vong.

  3. tudortiger2000

    Isn't Ben Quadinaros from "A Bug's Life"? May be it's a galactic ancestor. And may be it will it have small butterly wings as a variant. Who knows?!

  4. don´t we get the weequay skiff guard in a couple of weeks (or isn´t he already up the shelves?).

    i voted for jaxxon! 😀

  5. Richard Grayson

    A 14-point Peter Cushing Tarkin has been on my short list of figures I'd buy for a long time now, and to me, one of the only characters of quality on that list.

  6. I wouldn't mind a Darth Caedus, just because he's Han's son, so my love for Han/Harrison Ford indirectly includes him.

  7. Emerald

    If Star Wars isn't truly done yet this just might be the first sign.

  8. Darren

    I've always wondered about the fan poll…. It seems to only create peg warmers. Any time anything interesting makes it to retail its under produced.

  9. Wes Grogan

    I've been patiently waiting for a Cordé figure for so long now, I'm thrilled to see that it's FINALLY listed as a fan's choice option! How any serious minded Star Wars collector could possibly be able to even sleep at night without having Cordé as part of their collection just blows my mind. I have dreams of the Cordé sized hole in my display case that I desperately have to fill! Come on, Hasbro, do the right thing and FINALLY make my collection worth something by adding Cordé to my shelves!

    /overwhelming sarcasm

  10. I'm with you on Barriss Offee, she really needs an updated figure with proper articulation. With my luck, they'll only make one based on her recent Clone Wars appearance, so either her legs or arms won't bend, and she'll be too cartoon-y to fit in with the rest of my Jedi.

  11. George

    @mothering: I think Its Hasbro.

    And yea Anything with a light saber, i like the movie but i dont know a 10th of the characters, but all the figures ive bought have come with light sabers, except troopers which i add light sabers to them too.

  12. Mario

    A once wonderful trilogy… destroyed in 6 hours.

    I'm sorry, but anyone who'd purchase any of these "options" is in SERIOUS denial.

  13. Megatherium

    I for one, would LOVE a crabby ass old Jedi librarian. But I also buy any figure with a lightsaber. That is why I voted for Bariss Offee. Seriously, her current figure makes me want to vomit.

  14. Motorthing

    Yoy……the Green Rabbit thing.

    See, there's a bunch of crap for everyone in Star Wars, that's what makes it so evergreen.

    Generally I'm only voting for anything with a Lightsaber (like Barris), and Dash may well be too Nineties extreme to take seriously but the game version with full SA could be OK.

    The frikkin Librarian's going to win though… just know it. I think Matty is multiple voting to make sure.

  15. Ben

    Look, I'm just freakin' thrilled that Hasbro is making Willrow Hood a.k.a. Ice Cream Man. They've made a whole bunch of the figures from the first fan's choice poll, not just the ones that won, so I wouldn't worry.

    HOWEVER, the latest Q & A revealed that the comic 2-packs aren't selling well and would likely be discontinued and made into exclusives…so the opportunities for getting a bunch of EU characters might be fading.

    Having said all that, I'm rooting for that green rabbit thing.

  16. Ronnie

    I am shocked, shocked, at the lack of "Bea Arthur as Ackmena" option. That's who we really need.

  17. RocketPunch

    Come on, Bastila Shan is awesome. Easily my most wanted figure on that list. She's one of the main KOTOR characters and the hero's love interest.

    Plus she uses a double-bladed yellow lightsaber.

  18. Mark

    Dash Rendar was cool, his figure was a bit bland by todays standards, but his charater in the Shadows of the Empire novel and comics was good. I would love a more detailed and articulated figure of him.

  19. MechaShiva

    But Dash Rendar is Extreeeeme!

  20. I only even vaguely recognize the first three.

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