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Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT Also, please note: I’m deliberately being over-the-top with my condemnation of these people.

Octane sends in these photos from a Walmart in San Antonio, TX.


So not only did this scumbag score a Beast Boy and a Power Girl, but he was so goddamned cheap he swapped in other figures and returned them to get his money back (and naturally, Walmart threw them back on the shelf…sigh). No doubt in his mind he was “sticking it to the Man,” but all he was really sticking it to was his own soul.

Karmic Payback: His water heater breaks at 3:30AM on Christmas morning, flooding his living room and thoroughly soaking all his presents under the tree.


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  1. Fender Strat

    Tigra's fate fits the abuse the character has gone through at the hands of Brian Bendis. Seems all Marvel females are pretty much messed up as the moment.

  2. Motorthing

    Speaking of crapola:

    Well, I'm not up to defending this level of criminality but I have to wonder just how apathetic/stupid the Walmart returns desk have to be to not pick this up…..If it's as easy as this seems to demonstrate then we really can't be too surprised or outraged that it happens.

    You could elevate it to the level of a sport – what kind of crap (literally) can you put back in an obviously mangled box and get a refund on from these idiots? Anyone got the stones to actually try it with a real, freashly-laid turd?

    In, the, erm, interests of consumer advice of course……ahem.

  3. Chuck20

    hurm. sad to see my hometown getting stuck with this crapola

  4. dayraven

    i love the karmic payback addition… we need that as a running meter of douchbaggery for these mouth breathers. what a complete and utterly useless human being.

  5. monkey boy

    as i explained up above, pretty sure he snagged tigra for the BAF piece…

  6. Kid Nicky

    You know what I think is funny about these assholes? They collect action figures of characters like Power Girl,Captain America,Beast Boy,etc.

    Characters known and loved the world over for one thing-FIGHTING CRIME.

  7. Replicant

    You would think the people taking the returns would be a little smarter but it is @ Wal-Mart!!

  8. A water heater break seems too nice… unless of course he’s got some nice expensive Christmas presents under the tree.

  9. It always amazes me when people swap in figures that are harder to find than the ones they took. Tigra for Power Girl? That's almost as bad as Black Cat for Catwoman in the five-pack…

  10. Reverend Ender

    I wish I could find a Beast Boy and a Power Girl. But what is up with Walmart re-shelving opened toys? Also, if I find out who this is, I will break his knees, and maybe blind him, so he can never enjoy looking at his ill-gotten action figures again.

  11. nerdbot

    Yeah, that looks like the X-Men movie Toad figure. And I think the cylinder thingy with Tigra is an accessory that came with one of the Invisible Woman figures from the first Fantastic Four movie.

  12. If someone ever has the gall to brag about doing something like this, I say we hunt him down using his IP address and burn him at the stake!

  13. americanhyena

    I'd love to hear about some guy getting caught in the act pulling this.

  14. Odd that he returned a Tigra.

  15. DO4M

    @The Flash III: I believe that Toad from the old X-men movie toys…

  16. The Flash III

    Whose the dude in the Beast Boy package and what the heck is that blue thing in there with Tigra? I've never seen any package switching, but I'm still glad I found wave 10 already. hopefully he has the rest of the wave under his tree and it gets destroyed in the flood.

  17. monkey boy

    i know some people defend people who do this as "hilarious" but i'd like to see the toy collector who laughs when he thinks he's finally found DCUC 10 and comes across this atrocity. you'd be fuming.

    and the worst part? that's a ML tigra, meaning this guy stormed wal-mart, bought the exclusive ML wave (for the BAF) and the exclusive DCUC wave (for the figures) then returned the ML figures (sans BAF part) in the DCUC packages. whattadouche.

  18. Cade

    I wonder if we will have any defenders of this practice like we had in the last troll post.

  19. Nicholai

    Wow. All I got is…

  20. Sector1014

    Wow. Those two are crazy. What is that in the Tigra/Power Girl? What a d-bag.

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