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1.) Some collectors received Scareglows with QC issues (such as two left legs), or missing either the key or the entire reliquary. The response from customer service was that there are no replacement Scareglows available, only refunds. In the past, you’ve made it clear that a small percentage of each figure’s production run was held back for exchanges. Why has this changed, and will the option to exchange return? It’s badly needed when collectors aren’t able to check the figures before purchasing.

Faulty figures can be exchanged by contacting customer service through

2.) He-Dan asks: Does the recent move of the Movie Masters line to TRU mean that Mattel may be able to finally open this line up to other DC movie properties such as Superman?

No, this move is not indicative of including additional characters in the line. But that doesn’t mean we are not interested….

3.) Mark asks: Why are the WWE Entrance Greats figures only getting standard articulation (considering they are over $20) rather than elite/deluxe articulation?

Entrance Greats actually sport quite a lot of articulation as well as sound chip bases and extra headgear.

4.) Jaysun asks: So, I’ve spoken to a person within Target and Wal-Mart regarding shipment of products. Decently high levels of authority, and they both told me the same thing: toy line shipments are based on toy companies sending the waves at their own discretion. So, since my city has seen 1 shipment of Wave 8 just last week to a Meijer, they’re saying the problem lies with Mattel’s shipping, not on Target and Wal-Mart not ordering Wave 8 specifically. Do the big boxes actually order specific cases and waves, or is your shipping department having trouble delivering product to fans?

Retail mixes are not ordered by wave but all retailers have the option of ordering all DCUC figures open stock as well.

5.) If Battle Cat and Panthor (assuming he gets made) sell well, which vehicle(s) are you most interested in bringing to MOTUC? We’re not looking for promises here, just wondering which MOTU vehicles aside from the Cats you’re thinking might (emphasis on “might”) work for Classics.

We’re actually not looking as much at vehicles as we are other large scale figures and beasts which can share tooling between them (like Panthor, Clawdeen and Grayskull’s Lion can use the Battlecat tool).

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  1. Thomas B


    i don't see the size difference. BC looks just fine to me

    poe- they could use gygor again as a shadow beast with little to no new tooling. heck gygor could be a "good" shadow beast…a light beast? lol

  2. Emerald

    @Poe: If you can wade through the annoying chick's schtick on G4's Attack of the Show, after her Matty advert, she holds up a Battle Cat with He-man sitting on it — I suppose they got it instead of Fwoosh or AFI.

    Unlike the prototype, they have scaled the Battlecat down to its more original scaling. Very disappointing.

  3. Mark

    Thank you for asking my question Poe.

    I'll have to check them out when they are released.

  4. fryman86

    I'd buy Keaton Batman and Nicholson Joker in a heartbeat. I'd even go for a Gordon (just to have a Pat Hingle Figure), and Bob, as well as Vale, Knox, Grissom and Eckhardt. I'd even go for Joker with hat and long coat from the final act, and a Museum Scene Joker with that other hat lol. Vale should come with her portfolio so Joker can call it crap.

  5. dayraven

    @Poe: yeah, i haveto share the question here… i've read that elsewhere, that BC has been shrunk, but likewise have yet to see photos of production battle cat next to anything for reference… is this more mattel naysaying shit?

  6. Poe

    @Emerald: As far as I know, we haven't seen any photos of He-Man on a production Battle Cat. Why do you think he's going to be small?

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