Happy Randor Day!


The daddy of Prince Adam and popular fast food mascot goes on sale at 12pm ET today, alongside the Goddess, a reissued Skeletor and a ton of other stuff, including:

  • DCUC Animal Man/B’wanna Beast 2-pack
  • DCUC Wave 11 Boxed Set
  • 6″ Flight Stands
  • 6″ Prototype Suit Bruce Wayne
  • 6″ Ghostbusters Winston Zeddemore
  • 12″ Ghostbusters Egon Spengler
  • 12″ General Zod
  • Super Friends Robin & Hawkman
  • and more (note: the sale date for the Retro-Action DC Super Heroes Green Arrow was pushed back to December 23)

Here’s a link to the all-in-one order page.

Why the flood of items in December? I dunno…maybe it’s for tax reasons or something. Incidentally, if you look to the sidebar you’ll notice I added a small at-a-glance Mattycollector calendar.

I’m definitely getting Randor, the Goddess, and Winston. I thought about the Skeletor reissue, but changed my mind when I found out that the “tighter grip” left hand is actually just the same hand with slightly more curled fingers–rather than the Zodac/Webstor hand, which is what I thought it would be. UPDATE: the word from Matty himself is that figure WILL have the Zodac/Webstor left hand. Which means I’ll be getting him.

Anyway, use this post as a discussion thread for all things Matty. The next Q&A should be up sometime later today.

Also: sign me up for a MOTUC Santa Claus.


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  1. Scott

    I just think half of Matty's "lying" is people deciding their own facts without proof and declaring anything that Matty says that contradicts those "facts" a lie.

    And, sorry, but, unless you work for Mattel or one of their factories, you have no proof. (I'm speaking generally, not to anyone specific).

  2. Thomas B

    @Philip Reed:

    true but it is easier to turn around one figure for one retail outlet(matty) than it is to turn around another order for a whole wave of figure of numerous outlets.

    plus when wave 9 was being made all the other lines for the holiday season were being made so factories were prob very swamped.

  3. PrfktTear

    Out of curiosity, was Randor a tail-ender, like Scareglow? I've always had him so I took it for granted. The only two original MOTU figures that I wanted but never got were Snakeface and Scareglow. I also wanted a Frightzone, but never got that either. What a deprived childhood I had!

  4. Mario

    I'm surprised he took this "long" to sell out. After all, Randor is key to the MOTU mythos, & I'm sure a lot of people were looking forward to him, as he was likely never part of their collections back in the day.

  5. Matthew


    Heh, sold out and 100+ comments… ‘ol boy still got it!

    I'd like to hope my Wednesday morning mental lapse had nothing to do with Randor's 100+ post count. (Insert red faced smilie here.)

    If I've learned two things from this thread they'd be:

    1. When my schedule is filled with late nights and early mornings, leave the discussion to the people with coherent thinking.

    2. King Randor makes one rockin' Santa.

    Anyways, I want to thank you guys for not being too harsh on the newbie.

    It's appreciated.

    Now, it's time to eat and then grab some rest.

    Take care.

  6. @Scott: "If that’s all there was to it, Mattel would have just made more of DCUC wave 9 instead of announcing that there was an accidental shortage and cancelling online orders."

    That's what I would assume, but Mattel has done enough weird — sometimes questionably shady — things that I don't understand their thought process.

  7. PrfktTear

    MMM… White Castle… some friends of mine were heading down to Elmsford, NY last weekend where apparently a White Castle is located no farther than 20 minutes away. Do you think they would have brought some home for me?! NOPE! I guess they all got eaten on the trip home!

  8. Scott

    @Philip Reed:

    If that's all there was to it, Mattel would have just made more of DCUC wave 9 instead of announcing that there was an accidental shortage and cancelling online orders.

  9. finkrod

    No shipping confirmation for me either, though I have been billed. Maybe tonight.

    Not that I'm exactly counting the seconds til his arrival =P He's staying in his little White Castle once I get him anyway.

  10. Replicant

    Hail to the King! I thought Goddess would sell out first! I just hope I get my shipping confirmation soon!

  11. Mysterious Stranger

    Heh, sold out and 100+ comments… ‘ol boy still got it!

    When you've got all the might, power and influence of a flame-broiled empire you expect nothing less.

    Got my Winston yesterday. The trap lightning looks like it was molded around a ball or green hotdog eating ghost. That excites me to no end. Can't wait to crack him open and put Slimer in the trap.

  12. PrfktTear

    THIS JUST IN: King Randor SOLD OUT

    Heh, sold out and 100+ comments… 'ol boy still got it!

  13. finkrod

    THIS JUST IN: King Randor SOLD OUT

    Did not see that coming.

  14. @Thomas B: "no they do not own their factories as far as i know, nor have they stated otherwise."

    Part of the latest CPSC ruling in which Mattel can skip third party testing is because they own their factories.

    From the article at Zimbio:

    “Mattel says its situation is unique because it owns its production factories outside the U.S. and can do the required safety testing there.”

    I wrote about this back in October: http://www.battlegrip.com/?p=6455

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