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It’s still not too late to enter Joes For Tots and you don’t want to miss out because cool sponsors like and their awesome gift cards are hard to pass up. Seriously, they have some cool shirts. Let’s check some out!



I’ve got a couple of Godzilla shirts (as any nerd should), so I feel like my opinion on Godzilla shirts carries some weight. My opinion on this shirt? It’s super sweet.



I like the Smurfs more than a grown man should. I’m also a big fan of implied swearing.

Darkwing Duck

This shirt may be a little too worn for me, but hot damn Darkwing Duck is awesome.



Mask doesn’t get as much loving as it probably should. This is the kind of shirt that would certainly get you stopped on the street by thirty year olds who tell you that you love your shirt. Who doesn’t want that?

And that’s just a few of the super fly shirts available at Go there and check out the rest!

…and don’t forget to enter Joes For Tots.


Pic of the Day


Pic of the Day

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  1. I've decided that I'll never make it to actually drop anything off so I've donated online. Hopefully the kids get some Joes, but Marvel Universe or Transformers toys will also be acceptable.

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