Minimate Science Theater 3000

Fwoosh has its 24th Custom-Con going on, and customizer Jeff Stephens of Boyd’s Custom Minimates has created a line of figures that I want with every part of my body, including my unmentionables. They’re MST3K Minimates, and they’re insanely awesome.

In the past, I’ve had trouble really getting on board the Minimate bandwagon–witness my flash-in-the-pan interest in Ghostbusters Minimates–but I would treasure these forever. I’d need a Crow, a Mike, a Bobo, a Pearl and a Brain Guy too, though.

Diamond Select, there’s no way the Best Brains license would run you much. Make these. Now. Or I’m coming to your house with a copy of Hobgoblins.


Ask Mattel > Answers for Mid-December ’09


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  1. Heli

    Maybe they could make an SDCC exclusive of Johnny Longtorso… or at least part of him.

    And Joel era was totally the best.

  2. Those would be cool, but just some decent scaled figures of Crow and Tom would be even better.

  3. Ben

    Or Big McLargehuge. Yup, I totally grew up on the Mike era, but I like both Mike and Joel equally. Deal with it.

  4. Ben

    I think we need to send Deputy Sheriff Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III on the case to investigate this matter. "His arteries are just looking at each other, shaking their heads…"

  5. finkrod

    That show was just never the same after Joel left.

  6. Heli

    I have to agree. There's no way I could turn down a Frank/Dr. F two pack.

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