Pic of the Day

Big Jim’s Wolf Pack by tracy photo


Review > Dark World Castle (Action Figure Displays)


Show and Tell > Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves


  1. MechaShiva

    Okay then,bring out the BlueOyster club playset!

  2. dayraven

    @MechaShiva: oh honey… these boys wouldn't want anything to do w/ the cy-girls… trust me, they prefer the sausagefest. 😉

  3. Kid Nicky

    Turkish Bath House Playset sold seperately.

  4. MechaShiva

    They all look awesome.they have a spaghetti western/grindhouse look to them…all they need now are the cy-girls or triad toy girls to complete the look.

  5. Mario

    Man, I love the P.A.C.K., & want them badly, but they're so expensive to pick up nowadays.

  6. TripleM

    Cool pic…but, is anyone else here thinking The Village People?

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