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Alf by zelig2


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Review > Playmobil Santa Claus & Elf Set (5846)


  1. DO4M

    I think that the ALF in the pic is the non talking one.

  2. PrfktTear

    I had an Alf doll, good times!

  3. Fallen Eldor

    Hey, I had that! He talked when you hugged him. My brothers and sister still deny that they stole and destroyed the voice box…But i know better…

  4. agaurdiandevil

    “remember alf? he’s back! in pog form!”-milhouse

  5. Mark

    @agaurdiandevil: I was going to quote Millhouse LOL.

  6. The Flash III

    Ha ha! I kill me!

  7. nerdbot

    Hah! Hey, Willie…

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