Not Quite Dead Yet

I’m working on my Adora review, and I should have Battle Armor He-Man done by Monday. I’m also looking to create a new Odds ‘n Ends photo and some other surprises.

In the meantime, I want to thank Paul for making up for some of my laziness. He’s the real American hero. He’s also a Real Ghostbuster. Well that’s what I heard.


Evil-lyn’s bio revealed


Reviews > Adora (Masters of the Universe Classics)


  1. I guess I'm the real deal. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. The question

    @Poe: Thanks Poe!

  3. MechaShiva


    Yeah,the immersion in well made games are incredible these days.

  4. Poe

    @Nik: Is that a Toy Aisle Trolls entry? If so, I need a write-up on it…I don't know enough about Transformers to understand what's going on there.

  5. Poe

    @MechaShiva: What? Just because I've played through Uncharted, Borderlands and God of War since Christmas and am now working my way through God of War 2 before moving on to Uncharted 2 and then Mass Effect 2, no doubt to be followed by God of War III? and all the while playing Tales of Monkey Island along with my wife?

    2010 is apparently going to be the year of the videogame for me.

  6. MechaShiva

    I blame videogames!

  7. Aaaaah Real Poesters!

  8. Nik

    I twittered you a pic to post about!

  9. Poe

    @Monty Prime: "I think I may pull through, sir…"

  10. So, I should send the Dead Collector away? He's got to get to the Robetsons'. They've lost nine today…

    (Yes, this was the first thing I thought of…)

  11. Poe

    @The question: Good question…Question.


  12. The question

    When are you reviewing dcuc man bat?!?

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