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I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve almost given up entirely on buying single carded figures in the 3 3/4ths scale. This is due to the fact that I’m poor and can’t fathom paying over seven dollars for one tiny figures. That’s why I’ve been digging these “Blockbuster Value” two packs that I’ve found at Target. How can you go wrong with getting two figures for the price of one? And yet, many of the two packs have been auto passes due to the crappy B side figures. Well, I found this guy the other day and thought that he was a pretty good A side, so good that the B side must be pretty damned bad. I picked him up and turned him around and was amazed to find…

SLAVE F’ING LEIA! What, what?

I also managed to snag a the Target Exclusive TIE fighter that features the large wings and the improved cockpit for about 27 bucks. Apparently they are on clearance, but I wouldn’t have known because the price sticker was the same. I had caught wind of a price reduction on a forum so I decided to use the price scanner to double check. I can say that overall I’m pretty happy with my finds and with Target for not displaying to the world how cheap these things are now. At least I could get one.


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  1. Motorthing

    Only $7 and they whine……try collecting them at what would be $15 for a basic figure and then go North from there……and no frikkin clearance or twofers either.

    That's how dedicated/mad you have to be to stick with collecting in the UK. Thanks a lot God.

  2. Great find. I just recently bought those figures and they're fairly new to be in a value pack. Great deal.

    I'd feel bad, but I got them at a Buy one, get one at K-mart so I'm not going to cut myself.

  3. I've pretty much given up collecting Star Wars figures after constantly being unable to find what I want. And like you, I just cannot bring myself to spend so much money (10 – 13 Euros over here!) for a 3 3/3 figure.

    But figures like these for such a price wouldn't stay on shelf if I saw them! Great find there!

  4. It's a very good sale! I was able to pick up Ep2 Padmé and the lil' Bossk lookin' dude with that deal. I had no idea the Tie Fighters were also on sale!

  5. Nik

    TIE Fighters sold out before I found one clearanced around here. I just want it for the new cockpit tooling too >< I don't need or have space for more fighters. Luckily I got the rancor for $35. His paint job is great. Gave my old kenner one to some family.

  6. Nicholai

    Nice find. I've seen a bunch of those two-packs, but always with one good figure and one figure that doesn't mean anything to me. Though since all I collect are various storm and clone troopers I have obvious limited SW figure needs. I'm tempted by the TIE fighter though.

  7. clark

    I have seen a couple of "Blockbuster" SW transformers two packs too. That's pretty impressive (if you want a SW transformer, and really…I don't)

  8. Thomas B

    Haven't bought a sw figure in years but that is pretty damn awesome and I'd have bought it

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