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Out of my Christmas haul my biggest get (at least toy wise) was the new(ish) AT-ST put out by Hasbro. If you don’t remember this bad boy, I geeked out for it a few months ago and never thought I’d actually see it, much yet own it. If you’re on the fence or want to know if you should go out of your way to get one I thought I’d throw together my non-review for you all.

First up, let’s talk packaging. I used to be a strictly MOC collector, but that all changed the day I learned to love to open figures and create little dios. If I still was a MOC collector, this AT-ST isn’t a spectacular specimen, though it does the trick with it’s handsome window box. Upon opening it I was nicely surprised by the fact that Hasbro did something exceedingly cool. One common complaint among collectors and parents is the ten million plastic ties that are often found in modern toys. Hasbro must have heard us all complaining, because this sucker has ties that are made of paper. Ingenious!

As an aside, I really must point how stupid I am. Almost upon opening the thing I tried to push the button on the back to make it walk. The problem is, there is no button on the back to make it walk, because that’s the version of the AT-ST that I had when I was eight. Silly me.

Once I got over how great it is to have an AT-ST that fits two figures and is super pose-able, the thing that hit me right away is that the paint work on this thing is really weak. Seriously, when did Hasbro stop painting their toys? All this thing has is a little brown to make it look sort of dirty. The AT-ST and the Toys R Us gunship there has been a significant reduction of the amount of paint applications on these vehicles. This stood out all the more when I compared it to the X-Wing redo from the late 90s. They completely skipped out on paint no doubt to save on cost, which is pretty sad. I would have loved to had some weathering effects on this thing. Here’s to hoping that the inevitable re-release will feature a better paint deco (you know that there’s no way they are wasting an expensive ass mold like this on a one shot exclusive).

That complaint aside, there are some really great things going for it all of which are pretty obvious, namely the amazing amount of articulation in this puppy. One thing that I liked (though I have no use for) is the ability to remove the “head” and have the exploded cockpit version seen in RotJ. The window ports are a really nice touch as is the opening hatch on the top. And in case you’re wondering, while the interior is big, it would be a really hard fit for two Ewoks and a Wookie as they are depicted in RotJ.

Overall, I give the AT-ST the big mushroom stamp of approval, but a little more detailing would have gone a long way to pushing this into must have, super awesome territory.


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  1. atomxero

    Picked one up at Walmart last night for $12.50.

  2. Young Richard, and that is why I think the paint could have been improved.

  3. I keep seeing this on sale in Wal-Mart and _almost_ buying it. Fortunately, I have managed to resist so far because, to be honest, I don't have any idea where I would pose this thing. It looks neat, though, and seeing more photos doesn't help me keep resisting the urge to grab this walker.

  4. Young Richard

    Aww, it look like it's blushing in the 1st pic.

  5. Thomas, Poe didn't write this. It's just a pair of legs like when Chewbacca's AT-ST goes on a rampage and the one is just a pair of legs without a "head".

  6. Thomas B

    i want 2 of these at 1 of the new AT AT.

    what "exploded" look are you talking about Poe? post a pic of it please

  7. Fengschwing


  8. Nik

    @Fengschwing: AT-AT goes where?

  9. Fengschwing

    I'm loving the fact that vehicles are getting 'scaled up' now, The Falcon, TIE Fighter and this too, it's great for dios.

    A pain in the ass for storage though!

  10. Nicholai

    I've not seen this in the wild. I've seen the Target vehicles, but nothing at Walmart. If I had seen it I may have picked it up as a nice backdrop for my army of troopers.

  11. Nik

    Agree mostly. New tooling is hot, but could use some more painted love. Though, still… completely new tooling for classic vehicles? Yes please!

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