DCUC Wave 14 announced in ToyFare

ToyFare #152 has the scoop on wave 14 of DCUC:

Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
C&C: Ultra-Humanite

Y’know, one of the issues frequently discussed during the early days of DCUC was that DC Comics perhaps didn’t have the same depth of popular characters that Marvel did. While I’m not sure that’s a wholly accurate assessment, I do have to say I don’t know who the “headliner” of this wave is supposed to be…Zatanna, I guess? Alan Scott?

As a collector, though, I think it’s great that they’re delving deep into DC’s characters. And as long as DCUC is winning Line of the Year awards, I’m sure it’ll have no problem selling, so really there’s nothing to say except: Looks good, Mattel!

[Update: According to the Fwoosh, ToyGuru has confirmed this as the 2010 Walmart wave.]


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  1. americanhyena

    @Newton Gimmick:

    Newton I've got a buddy in PA who found me my Wave 10. He says his local Walmart can't seem to get rid of them. He's a pretty cool cat, usually picking figures up for cost plus maybe $5 in time and gas money (for the lot, not each). I can put him in contact with you if you want.

  2. No real characters I want other than Humanite (Though I haven't seen the actual sculpts yet so that may change) but the fact that it's a Walmart wave counts me out.

    Yeah, I'm surrounded by Walmarts, but they never carry DCUC exclusives, so I don't care.

    In fact, frack it. I quit DCUC.

    I'm never gonna find the Joker anyway. I'll enjoy the ones I have, maybe buy someone if I really, really want them, but otherwise screw it. I'm out.

    You can keep your Walmart waves. Oh, that's right… You already do.

  3. Dan C.

    Don't like the fact there's no Zatanna variant. I guess could bother with either Gold or even Tyr.

    I'm sure a few people are little angry about Tyr being in a Wal-Mart exclusive since it is one of the last Superpowers to get done, not to mention the amount of people waiting for Zatanna. But it'll probably be nowhere near the furor of having Joker in Wave 10.

  4. PrfktTear

    @Santo: You make a great point. Every wave IS a WM wave… most of my Targets are still littered with Wave 4 and 7. All I get are Capt. Colds, Wonder Womans, Bardas, and Cyborgs.

    Greymattersplat: Another good point… if Wal-Mart says jump, companies have to say "how high" and then "thank you sir, may I have another".

    I think the ONLY silver lining is that there are no variants in WM waves…

  5. Greymattersplat

    For those upset about it being a Wal-Mart only wave, I ask you to remember this: these waves exist because Wal-Mart has requested it, and you don't tell Wal-Mart "no" if you want to sell your figures at all. We don't have to like it, but they are the single biggest point of distribution for these, and without them this line would likely be in some serious trouble. I think the lack of "star power" is actually a bit of a calculated risk on Mattel's part, seeing as many of these are characters we'd like to have but don't have to, and the Wal-Mart buyer doesn't know that Alan Scott is a completely different kind of Green Lantern from Hal. If I had to bet, Zatanna will have the rare variant (I'd assume the Satellite era costume) and Hourman will be the 50/50 with the current and robot versions. It also wouldn't surprise me if they picked Kamandi because of his lack of flashy parts which frees up some budget for the CnC…and also because there's not a New God in this series, and he's at least still a Kirby.

  6. Fengschwing

    I have this horrible feeling that as this line has no 'big names' in it, it's going to be produced in lower numbers and just be a wave 5 all over again…

  7. Nik

    Zatanna is bought.

  8. The Flash III

    I think you do pose a good point, Poe, about anchors to the waves. There aren't a lot of big guns left that would be well-known to average toy buyers. I think Mattel and Wally World are banking on collectors to go out and pick up whole waves. With Mattel handing Wally World the repaint 2-packs for Batman/Robin, Aquaman/Black Manta, and Superman/Bizarro, they will have well-recognized figures on the shelf as well.

  9. Thomas B

    Yeah. I honestly have never had a prob finding figures yet. The worst wave to find was prob wave eight. The wal mart waves were way easier than that wave. Ihave just been very lucky though.

  10. Santo

    to me every wave is a wal-mart exclusive as it is the only store i seem to find any of the newer waves..target has had wave 4 since 2 christmas's ago and toys r us has 2 captain colds

    besides…wave 10 was super easy to find for me

    no complaints here

  11. americanhyena

    Well, I managed to get Wave 10 okay thanks to a buddy. Loved the leaked pics I saw. Humanite's face is amazing.

    Zatanna has the Canary legs.

    Bring 'em on, I say.

  12. Nicholai

    Poor news on the Walmart front. Especially since it means no Zatanna variant.

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