Happy Trap Jaw Day!

It’s finally here! The big day fans have been waiting for since Trap Jaw and Battle Cat were first announced. Remember, there’s still just an hour and fifty-nine minutes to participate in my Get the Sell Out contest.

Will today be another clusterflock, or run as smooth as silk? Your guess is as good as mine.


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  1. Retail/ TRU exclusive is the only way for this line.

  2. I spent over an hour waiting for my order to finish processing. I was ordering one Trap Jaw to make Kronis, a Battle Cat with the subscriber coupon and five sets of figure stands. I ended up with nothing when the dust finally settled, refusing to pay the shipping for some figure stands that I only wanted if I could add then onto something that I really wanted to order. At least I have a Trap Jaw coming from the subscription, but I'm never getting that time back.

  3. I've heard the awful stories of mattycollector before, but today was the first time I've witnessed it first-hand. I'm much more selective in MOTUC figures and my previous orders for the re-issue Skeletor and Scareglow went smooth, but today was certainly different.

    I went to matty and got the white screen for 5 minutes, got the main page, selected the sale list at the top of the page and got the white screen again. Since I only wanted Battlecat I took a chance and hit back on my browser, got the main page again, selected the BC Flash image and was immediately on the BC page. I added two to my cart, waited a couple minutes, went through the order summary screens, clicked the finalize button and it just froze for another five minutes. My order did go through, though, and I got confirmation.

    After finally experiencing this for myself, I don't know how you guys do this nearly every month or how matty hasn't made things better. My condolences to anyone who couldn't get a BC, or whatever else you wanted.

  4. Ryan

    Wow – I'm so sorry for everyone who missed out, and really disgusted with MattyCollector. Browsing other forums it looks like the amount of people who missed out on this were in the thousands – so, a shortage of stock alongside server problems and a limit that was much too high (hoorah, scalpers can get 10 of these!) means that thousands of fans are screwed while MattyCollector got to announce a record sell out again. It's despicable.

  5. T.

    Same situation happened to me w.r.t. the payment screen. I tried again and again and was met repeatedly with "your order has not been saved. Please try again." So a lot of good that $8 coupon Matty sent me for Battle Cat did.

    I'm glad the figures are going back into production, but that doesn't make me feel much better; all it does is make me feel like 1) I won't get my $8 price reduction and 2) I'm in for another bout of uncertainty and headaches when I try to get BC for the second time. I think those of us who encountered a problem should be able to get some guarantee of getting the figure the second time around. And I can hear you thinking, Matty — I do NOT think I should have to buy the 2011 subscription to get that guarantee. This was your screw-up. Again.

    And I'd like to add that I was on the site bright and ready at noon sharp, so there is no reason I shouldn't have been able to get my figures if the ordering system hadn't broken again.

  6. Reverend Ender

    I'll just add my own awful experience. I had everything I wanted in my cart at one point or another. 2 Trapjaws, 2 Men at Amrs, and a Battle Cat, and between MAA saying he was sold out when he wasn't and all the delays loading, I would up with 2 MAAs and some Grayskull stands. Fucking Fuck. I don't usually curse on this website, but what kind of fucking evil dumbshit bastard is running this operation? Who greenlights a shitshow like this? What finance person is convinced that this is a good idea? What the FUCK ARE THEY THINKING???????

    This was going to be my last hurrah before I stop collecting so I can afford to get my new place. Then I saw all the awesomeness at Toy Fair. Then this happened. Somewhere in here is a message . . .

  7. Dan C.

    Reading some of the message board threads out there on this. The Sideshow Masters Mega thread is especially hilarious. Its a little more down to earth than shit sites like Critcal mess.

  8. To be honest, I find today to be very frustrating, but when I do get my figure I've been very happy. I do think they're over-priced, but that is why I've only purchased a few (mostly from ebay, and most of the time less than matty's price). If I didn't think I was getting a quality product than I would have stopped after the first one. Mattel definitely wants to make money, they're not trying to screw any of us over, and by putting TJ and BC back in production I think that reinforces both of those points.

    So yeah, I'm upset that I went to a scalper to get my TJ, but when he shows up at my door I'll be very happy that I got a cool figure.

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