I spy Optikk in packaging

In what may be an ordinary reveal–or an attempt to divert fan attention from Tuesday’s fiasco–Mattel has posted images of the packaged Optikk, the MOTUC May figure, on their Facebook page. (Pics at the bottom of the post.)


Space Mutant Spy for Skeletor
Real Name: (pronounced through a series of blinks)
A Space Mutant from the foggy polar region of the planet Denebria, Optikk’s spyeye eyeball is specially adapted to see through the dense Denebrian fog of his homeworld, making him an ideal spy. He carries a Photon Neutralizer which has made him one of the most feared of the Space Mutants in the Tri-Solar System. Optikk allied himself with Skeletor shortly after the Lord of Destruction defeated Hordak and turned his ambition to the Horde Empire, forming a coalition of mutants and outcasts to conquer the universe. Optikk serves Skeletor by keeping an eye on He-Man and all of the Galactic Protectors of the planet Primus.

My thoughts:

–The “Space Mutants” logo is awesome. Love the tentacles. Kind of looks like something out of Futurama.

–Looks like he does come with the alternate eye–it’s not a variant. That’s cool, if perhaps unnecessary…still, it’s great to get the extra head as well as that badass blaster and the shiny new shield. Mattel and the Horsemen went all-out on this one.

–Looks like the storyline of The New Adventures of He-Man is now more or less canon for MOTUC.

–“Spyeye eyeball”?


Custom MOTUC Castle Grayskull update


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  1. PrfktTear

    Heh… sorry! I'm not actively looking, but I'd love to get the standard NA He-Man and Skeletor to go along with my MOC He-Man/Skeletor display. I've got Commemorative Editions, 200x, and now MOTUC.

    I still want that disk of doom Skeletor. Wanted that thing so bad! I guess I could say I was pretty lucky with collecting MOTU stuff, but DoD Skelly and Snakeface were the only two that I never got that I really wanted.

  2. @PrfktTear: Why did I have to get into this with you? Now I really want my NA figures back LOL :).

  3. @PrfktTear: Odd you should mention TMNT with NA, remeber my parents getting me a Foot Soldier and Tuskador one day.

    I had He-Man, Skeletor, Flipshot, Artilla, Tuskador, Flogg (Brakk), Slushead (Kalamar), Hoove, Lizor.

    A NA Skeletor would be so cool, to me it would have to be in the standard outfit, but a Disk Of Doom would be very cool.

    I believe to my knowledge it was a UK only comic, I have the first few issues, number one has some damge LOL. It has them all in the Filmation style and outfits and the ship takes skeletor as he has a crystal but Adam has to make a decission to stop him from getting into space. They fight on the strship and when he changes he has the new powers and outfit. Very different to the NA cartoon origin episode, close to the story tape that came with the figure but far superior.

  4. PrfktTear

    I didn't even know there was an NA comic. I'll have to look into that! There were a lot of good NA episodes. I think it was a lot more sophisticated than the Filmation series, perhaps fans weren't ready for that? Or perhaps it was too much of a departure. I've read about what they'd planned for the second season, returning to Eternia and having MAA turned evil, sounds very exciting to me!

    I'm vying for a NA Skeletor, specifically the Disk of Doom figure (never had that one). The only NA toy I had was the Power Sword. I think my mum wouldn't let me get any of the action figures because I was starting to get into TMNT at the time.

  5. @PrfktTear: No probs man. Back in the day I seemed to get quite a few NA comics along with my TMHT (hero-UK) and Tramsformers/ G.I. Joe comics.

    Darius was basically the NA version of MAA, pity he was never in the NA cartoon. Thrre was some real good NA episodes.

    I wish I still had my NA figures…I had some really cool ones.

  6. PrfktTear

    Thanks Mark, I stand corrected! Really my range of knowledge about NA extends to the series and thats where it ends.

    As far as the NA humans go, they are kind of generic but they're still pretty cool.

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