Paul’s Peg > First Good Shot of the Big AT-AT

I was hoping the first picture of the formally rumored AT-AT would be a glorious money shot, but our first halfway decent view is a crappy picture that leaves out the head. Still, it’s simply beautiful to behold.

Seriously, I have full on nerd boner here. WANT!

From: Star Wars via Topless Robot


Toy Aisle Trolls > Let’s Do the Skywarp Again


DCUC Wave 14 announced in ToyFare


  1. dayraven

    i'm working on the wife already… i want one of these, and of course, an accompanying squad of troopers, for my kids for next xmas… problem being, it's huge and they already have more toys than they have space for AND it's almost 200 bucks worth of product we'd need from a toy line we don't already collect.

    what she doesn't realize is how amazing my memories are as a kid getting my first BIG star wars vehicles from my grandparents… and these look ten times the toys i got! star wars was the best line ever for HUGE VEHICLES!

  2. Awesome, though, I'm quickly running out of room for all of these large Star Wars vehicles.

  3. americanhyena

    If this causes me to star collecting Star Wars…and there's a good chance it might…oy vey.

  4. Motorthing

    You couldn't get your legs under the BMF and the curved surface meant that you couldn't balance a cup worth a damn and she noticed…….

    3 lamp stands it is then. Pray for me.

  5. Nik

    @Motorthing: The falcon is a coffee table. This is an end table. Put a lamp on it. Your fine. It even has a compartment for the tv remote!

  6. Thomas B

    coffee table?

    screw that i am replacing the family dog with one of these lol

    if the nieces misbehave they shall be replaced as well

  7. Motorthing


    For "only" $100 I'm really hoping they haven't made the thing as flimsy as possible – this bastard needs to be sturdy if I'm going to sneak it by my Wife as a coffee table rather than yet another room -hogging addition to the collection that rules all.

    Maybe two coffee tables……

  8. Nik


  9. @fengschwing: Yeah man, totally agree, the body does seem a little to small, still brilliant though. My Star Wars collection is greatly smaller than it once was, I only have the original MF and Tie Fighter now.

  10. Only a c-note for that? WOW!

  11. I don't collect Star Wars, but that AT-AT right there is enough for me to start.

    Shit, I almost bought an AT-TE on clearance at TRU because it's big and awesome.

  12. fengschwing

    I'm more impressed with the BMF, I have to say the body seems a little too small on this.

    I'd look for one on clearance in a year or two, the BMF's were pretty cheap over here at X-Mas.

  13. Newton, it's supposed to be 100 bucks.

  14. Damn it! There goes $200~

  15. Thomas B


    lol me too.

    hell a little bit bigger and i could LIVE in that bastard!!!!

    i dont collect star wars but i WILL buy that!!!!

  16. nerdbot

    I have to change my pants…

    Wow. I don't know where the hell I'd put that thing, but I want one. Even more than the BMF, which I want quite a lot.

  17. PrfktTear

    My reaction to this picture was "HOLY F@#$%!!!" and I don't even collect Star Wars.

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