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Female Twileks are the Swedish bikini models of the Star Wars universe. In fact, I really can’t think of an alien race that’s as alien, yet sexy as the Twileks (don’t you dare point to them new fangeled blue Avatars you sicko). If you’ve been hankering for a harem of Twileks for your Lego Luke Skywalker or a cadre of Sith Twilek assassins your wish has come true. There are custom parts that you can order from Heads are five bucks and torsos are four bucks. Now if that seems pricey, you haven’t had to buy many Legos or tried to acquire rare minifigs lately. They’re worth their weight in gold studs.

Thanks to: Brothers Brick


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  1. Andrew

    <_< And somehow MOTUC is overpriced but fan-made people get away with charging your firstborn for tiny amounts of product.

  2. Legs are super common. All you'd have to do is some simple paint and they fit your figure.

  3. Why heads and torsos only? Why don't they include legs?

    I'm not a Lego collector (mostly due to price, not preference) so haven't bought any since I was a kid.

  4. dayraven

    if we ever get a marvel legends-esuqe star wars line, i want a boxed set of hot ass twilek babes… then things i will do w/ those figures would get me arrested in tijuana!

  5. Novelty

    Alas, no gitd items 🙁

  6. They’ll never replace Star Trek Orion slave girls.

  7. Nicholai

    While wandering around ebay I did recently notice the huge prices that the little Batman guys were going for.

  8. PrfktTear

    I gave my friend the idea to use Lego Minifigs as a cake topper for his wedding cake, an idea which both he and his fiancee were actually able to agree upon, however, they cost a LOT!

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