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Hey everyone, Paul here again. Like almost any collector I feel like I must share my shame with the world, so this time I have something that I really enjoy. It’s a re-purposed Indiana Jones playset full of G.I. Joe action.

The play set in question is based on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull from the failed Hasbro Indiana Jones line (grrrr). Whether or not you thought the movie was a steaming pile of garbage (or the toy line) the playset in question is pretty sweet for G.I. Joes.

Here we’ve got Baroness and Cobra Commander. And yes, that Cobra Commander head is from the ultra rare Best of the ’80s battle pack. I swapped the head to make him even cooler. What’s cool about the play set is that you can push a button on the side and I can raise the skeleton from the Serpentor battle pack there.

Snake Eyes doing his usual Snake Eyes thing.

On second thought, the Viper probably would have been wise not to trust the only Cobra trooper not to wear a mask and sport a fancy beret.

This just looks cool to me. That’s why I’m a geek.

The only real negative about this playset is that it features nothing cool on the back side. The truly great playset has playability from almost any angle. Still, I highly recommend it for any kind of adventuring type figures, it would even work with Star Wars figures with a bit of imagination applied.


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  1. Doc Schrute

    This is very cool!

  2. Monte

    It looks fun, if also way too small, but lord is that thing desperate for a custom paint job…

  3. Bought this for $12 at Marshalls. Best buy ever? One of.

  4. Sledgehama

    It should work well with Star Wars figures since it's a redressed version of the Mustafa playset from Revenge of the Sith! And it's not the first time a playset has been reurposed at retail – Attack of the Clones Geonosis Arena / Cobra Mountain anyone?

    I hope that we do get another Indy movie if only to see another couple of waves of that toyline – I want a tuxedo Indy, Marcus Brody and Club Obi-Wan Willie Scott…

  5. PrfktTear

    Thats, uh, pretty darn awesome! I don't think I've ever seen that Indy play set. I saw the GI Joe PIT on clearance for $60 yesterday. I'm not really game, just interesting though.

  6. Barbecue17

    Nice. I own this set also, but it has my KOTCS figures with it (I have an Indy shelf for each movie.) I do agree, the back is pretty bland, but it does have some weird details back there which show where it originally was a Star Wars playset (I think Mustafar.) I picked this up sometime last year for pretty cheap at TRU, and I'm sure they can still be found there and on ebay for decent prices.

    I love the raising skeleton. That makes a much better Indy accessory than a Joe accessory.

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