Any questions for Mattel?

Y’know, I’ll keep doing these as long as I get a spike in traffic every time I post one, but they seem rather pointless now that Mattel answers pretty much every question on their Ask Matty forum.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to reiterate Matty’s rules regarding questions:

We cannot answer questions about unannounced figures (i.e. “will you do a figure of Psycho Pirate in 6″ scale?”), production runs, acquiring new properties or logistics in production.


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  1. TMW


  2. TMW

    plz bring back the LEON NEONS they were the bomb back in the 80's

  3. Reverend Ender

    Will the upcoming May reissue of DCUC Wave 5 on your awesome Matty Collector site use the same materials, paint, and quality control as it had the first time around?

  4. Andrew

    Are there any plans for additional Avatar movie masters figures?

  5. Kid Nicky

    Considering how much they reuse molds,I can't see them making a new Superman head sculpt that only a fraction of the people collecting would care about. I would think by now most DCAU collectors would have plenty of Supermen.

  6. Rustin Parr

    Now that the JLU line has opened up to pretty much all of the animated DC series', do you anticipate new pieces for Batman or Superman to match the style of those earlier shows? For instance a non-ribbed cape for Batman, or a more S:TAS style head for Superman. These would be much appreciated additions to my collection!

  7. Kid Nicky

    Is 3 3/4 inch DC still a thing? I mean,all the stores clearanced them out,and even on clearance waves 1/2 just pegwarmed for a year. Now all of a sudden I'm seeing old figures (i.e. Black Canary) and figures I think are new (Two-Face,Earth 2 Robin) packaged with the "75 years of DC" or whatever the new packaging says.

    Now I know some people hated these toys,but I thought they were OK and amassed quite a lot of them,espescially since they came in affordable 3 packs. I'd never buy a 13 dollar,six inch Commisioner Gordon or Mirror Master,but I happily bought the little dudes.

    So should I keep anticipating future figures or is this the last gasp?

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