Any questions for Mattel? Hurry!

D’oh–I forgot to solicit questions for Mattel again. I need ’em in the next few hours, so ask away. Multiple questions welcome.


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Review > Castle Grayskull Stands (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)


  1. sentry001

    Lex Luthor spent 80s, 90s and early 2000s in a business suit. In many ways this Lex Luthor is the one the public has been exposed to through Superman the animated series and Justice League, as well as the younger Lex from Smallville.

    We already have the power armor and the purple super friends outfit in the DCUC line. Would the business man look with krypotnite ring be considered in the future?

  2. Any chance for a "Deluxe" Stay Puft for the Ghostbusters line before it dies?

  3. robinjr

    how soon will it be till more modern characters show up. I know it usually takes six months but in some cases like the new batman and robin, its been 9 months so are they going to show up in the upcoming waves? and how long will it be till we see a modern hal jordan in mordern costume?

  4. Barbecue17

    What are the chances of seeing non humanoid figures in the Ghostbusters line. Not companion ghosts, but actual figures like Gozer, Zuul, or Vigo? Give us a number. And Walter Peck does not count. I'll certainly be buying the figure, but saying that walter Peck is a suitable villain for battle is like saying that Grand Moff Tarkin was a more suitable villain for Luke and Obi-Wan to fight than Darth vader.

  5. Nicholai

    Non superhero characters in DCUC? (ex. Lois, Jimmy, Alfred, etc.)

    New push for DCIH now that better articulation and new packaging is in play?

  6. Why are you making the MOTUC stands a "one shot deal"? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of stands? There is no possible way that anyone was able to buy enough MOTUC stands to hold all their MOTUC figures (and the ones to come) so why would you do something so mind numbingly confusing?

  7. Mysterious Stranger

    We've seen figure stands for both DCUC and MOTUC figures. What are the odds of getting some Ghostbuster figure stands?

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