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We’ve all gone through it–that one figure we wanted more than anything but had to search high and low, for weeks or even months, before we found it. DCUC fans do that every week, but it’s not a new phenomenon–it’s been going on ever since the days of Mego’s World’s Greatest Superheroes and, of course, Star Wars.

I have a few tales of toy hunts, but none more memorable than the Great Turtle Hunt of 1989. For Christmas that year I wanted nothing but Ninja Turtle action figures. Of course, that was the year every kid my age wanted Ninja Turtle action figures, so they were virtually impossible to find. My parents, having become very familiar with the difficulties of finding popular toys around the holidays (thank you, Cabbage Patch Kids!) decided to be proactive. So one day in October that year, my father let me skip school and he and I drove all across Massachusetts, hitting every big retailer and toy store we could find. We found a few random Turtles here and there, but finally, at the gift shop of the now-defunct King’s Castleland in Whitman, we found the mother lode. When we got home, they were quickly swept into hiding until Christmas morn.

So here’s the deal. Hasbro has graciously donated a prize pack, seen above. To win it, all you have to do is post a comment below telling the story of a toy you had to hunt for. It can be a long tale or short, funny or tragic, ending in victory or defeat–anything. When the contest ends, I’ll choose whichever story I think is the best and send along the prizes to the winner.

The rules:

  • All entries need to be received by Friday, March 19 at 5pm Sunday, March 21 at 11:59pm.
  • Everyone gets one entry, so make sure to pick the best story you’ve got.
  • Contest open to U.S. residents only. I’m sorry, but international shipping is way too expensive these days.
  • Contest not open to my friends, family or Power Pals–sorry guys! Gotta be impartial on this one.


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  1. The Historian

    It was 2004, and what a summer that was. I was living in St. Petersburg, FL, had just graduated college, and was taking some time off, enjoying a little break from coaching K-8 summer tennis for six weeks. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting and dozens and dozens of nothing but ML5 Sabretooh on the pegs, ML6 hit. Well, most of it. I only found Wolverine, Cable, Juggernaut, and Punisher. No Phoenix or Deadpool to be found. I hunted all over Tampa Bay, down into Sarasota, and across into Brandon for those two figures. I never saw them.

    2004 is also when Hurricane Frances came. My parents on the east coast had a nearly direct hit by the storm. My mother and grandmother came to stay with me while my father stayed at the house. I tried to be the comic relief. I had all my Marvel Legends lined up ready to face off against Supreme Hurricane. It wasn't too much help comforting nerves, but as many of us know, time flies by a little faster with action figures in our hands.

    With that storm behind, I kept looking for the last of ML6. Nothing. A month later, Hurricane Jeanne hit, in the same area, right over my family once more. Cleanup had been fairly easy the last time, just some toppled trees and various wind litter. Not this time. Jeanne tore the pool screen and the metal supports with it. Trees were uprooted. Power lost, and the smell. I won't remember the smell.

    After the storm hit, I took a week off from work to return home and help my family recover. No electricity, no water, no open stores, and a county curfew. I knew it was going to be horrible, so I again brought a backpack of Marvel Legends figures to kill the time that wasn't spent hauling wood, metal, or whatnot off the property.

    The week over, wary, exhausted, but happy that things were slowly getting back to normal, I stopped by a Walmart prior to getting back on the road back to St. Pete. I really only needed some toothpaste and a snack, but I took a quick glance in the toy section.

    Deadpool and Phoenix were sitting on the front pegs. They weren't a reward, or a thank you. I knew I had to go back and help. They reminded me that when you do the right thing, the things you want have ways of revealing themselves to you…

  2. Gmamon

    I was a young lad, when the mystifying Power Rangers showed up on TV and toy shelves, never really was into the brand new stuff since I watched TV on Channel 32 ( the Spanish channel) and they always got their shows late ( I guess they had to dubb the show) Anyway out of the blue, on a random like any other day my friend "Beto" showed up with The Red Ranger with Transforming action. This is literally the greatest toy I have ever seen in my life.I asked him where he had bought it, he said Walmart. We played we our usual toys like normally and went on through the day. More and more this toy seemed more valuable when from Red Ranger the toy would magically turn into Jason. I begged my mother for days for it. She finally bulged when she saw my A's in my report card. The first day we went out for it we found nothing which wasn't too bad. I figured it was only the most bad-ass toy so every kid went to go buy it at the same time. I think I liked the Red Ranger the most at this point, So if we did find the I would get the red one. We looked high and low whenever my mother had
    a chance, (not many). Meanwhile "Beto" found the even more awesome Green Ranger. I was left with a heart broken that day, I asked him again and he said downtown. So that's where our next hunt was at.We found the guy scalping them; bought he only had yellow rangers left and they were loose. Granted from when I first saw them probably 2 months had gone by. I bulged in and made my mother buy it. for another month (possibly 2 weeks only time seems like forever when your a kid) I had to pretend this was a different color…
    My uncles came to visit us on a Sunday, from Juarez( I know it was a Sunday because that's the only day the would cross the border.)And we went to walmart, I went to the toy aisle with both my cousins…and guess when yeah It was the BLUE ranger. I begged my mother tried everything you know the tantrum. And my uncle agreed to buy it. I never saw or looked for those toys again after I bought Billy. Even when I opened it I didn't look at anything else but the toy and well apparently they had a temp. tattoo because mine got soiled on to the kitchen table. From then on till this day Blue is my favorite color. Why be the cool Jazzy Jason or Terrific Tommy when I can be better than getting a girl Billy. Wow Nerd moment and end.

    In my latter life, i have encountered these figures, granted there probably a re-release or not deluxe because they only come with their gun and not their special weapon or the tat, but i get reminded that whatever you can't find almost always it gets re-released.
    I still have this figure, so I will never for the hunt that us as collectors go through. Mind it its all broken missing a leg and forget about the transformation apparently you can put them in water because of the springs.

  3. Hillbilly Werewolf

    Hi, you might remember me as the guy who created the jack-o-lantern headed assassin in the "create a Poe Ghostal MOTUC character" contest. Anyway…

    My entry for this contest was not a toy hunt in the traditional sense of the expression, and at the time I did not even realize I was hunting for toys. I was hunting for my Easter basket!

    The year was 1978, I *think*, so that would have made me 5 years old when I had not only the greatest toy hunting experience of my life, but pound for pound, also one of my happiest moments and fondest memories.

    The tradition in my family was for my parents to hide Easter baskets for me and my sister to find on Easter morning. On this particular holiday, we were visiting my grand-parents, which added some spice to the race, since there were new and unknown places to hide the loot.

    I spent the morning tearing around my grandparents' house like my heels were on fire, digging around in closets, cabinets, and exploring their nightmare-inducing basement.

    Little did I suspect that when I finally got around to checking the most obvious places last, I peered into the cubby hole behind the tv set to find THE MOTHER-LODE…In a moment akin to Indiana Jones gazing upon his precious fertility idol for the first time, this was it! What would turn out to be the "Rosebud" to my own personal Citizen Kane…

    Staring back at me from the plastic green grass of an enormous Easter basket were the carded visages of Darth Vader, Han Solo, Chewbacca, a Sandman, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, Princess Leia, Obi Wan Kenobi, R2-D2, and a Jawa. Like almost all kids who grew up during that era, I was obsessed with Star Wars. My eyes were probably bugging out of my head like a "Big Daddy" Roth Rat Fink illustration, and adrenaline shot through my body as I leaped straight up into the air upon the realization that these treasures were mine! It was a moment of pure, unadulterated joy for me.

    I spent the afternoon in my Grandpa's garden, admiring the sculpts (laughable by today's standards!) and creating adventures for my new found friends. It was awesome and I still remember it vividly, as if it happened yesterday.

    Now that I am in my late thirties I try not to over-analyze my passion for collecting toys, instead preferring to simply enjoy the hobby, but perhaps it has something to do with that magical Easter morning back in 1978, when I was a 5 year old boy having fun.

  4. Sympathy4Doom

    i remember when the blue marvel legends cubes were showing up in wal-marts. I searched high and low for 2 weeks before i even came near one. I have 8 wal-marts within my general hunting zone and i found my first cube at the closest wal-mart only to just find aoa sabertooth and wolverine. While those aren't the worst finds , they sure were not kitty pride or thor. One day after work im walking towards my car and out of nowhere it came to me , like my spider sense was tingling. The giant man series was at the bowleys quarters wal-mart..this one was easily 40 minutes from my job..but i had to go. Determined..i drove there and low and behold..kitty pride , lemony sentry , thor..everybody i needed

    except aoa crispy wolverine

    that guy i never found…and to this day im still so angry that i paid 30 dollars for a calf..the fact that i had to finish a baf with a variant still pisses me off way more than paying 28 dollars for a motuc figure or wal-mart dcuc waves

    so my story is both sweet and sour

  5. PatMan668


    In 1978, I was 5 years old. Thanks to an older cousin, I had become a diehard KISS fan. When Mego's KISS dolls popped up, I HAD to have them. My paltry allowance would not be enough for me to purchase one (at least not for several weeks), but Christmas was coming. My parents made it a personal crusade to find me a set of all four dolls as the ultimate Xmas gift. That was the problem.

    "All four" was nigh-impossible, as Peter and Ace seemed to be in much shorter supply than Paul or Gene. In fact, I don't think I ever saw a Peter Criss in the wild… and he was my favorite at the time (little kids and drums, I'd imagine. Plus, Gene scared the crap out of me). Mom and Dad meant well, but their desire to obtain a full set meant they did not purchase any of them. That Christmas was still amazing (what with all the great Star Wars goodies), but I, to this day, have never owned a Mego KISS figure. McFarlane's first series in '97 was a good substitution, but the originals are still the coolest.

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