Eldor prototype card-back revealed

Hollywood Heroes posted this great scoop on the He-Man.org forums–the prototype card back for Eldor. I’d kill for an Eldor in MOTUC (all fantasy realms need a bearded old wizard), so I hope this helps inspire Mattel to get around to him.

As some of you know I represent many former Mattel engineers and designers. We recently found this while cleaning out a storage room inside one of the client’s homes.

Here’s what the text on the back of the card says:

The Book of Living Spells contains the ultimate secrets of Preternia – the Secrets of Transformation. Thus, whenever Eldor opens it, he can uncover all the secrets of the past, present and future Eternia – AND CHANGE IT! For nothing on Preternia stays the same – as you will soon see!

As someone in the He-Man.org thread pointed out, this could be an amusing way to explain all the different MOTU canons…I sincerely do hope we get an Eldor in MOTUC.


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  1. Croaker

    That's Gray, He-ro's secret identity/ alter-ego.

    Think He-man/Adam.

  2. dayraven

    who is the gent next to eldor in the card art?

    i'm beyond excited about this… the last time somebody "found" some old info on motu, it was gygor… and two months later, there was already a proto shown… so hopefully this means eldor is in the line up… maybe in time for SDCC? who knows… but i can't wait. i love tough old guys and especially is they have books that show the past, present and future… i wun-dar if he uses the book to lure unsuspecting young he-ros back to his windowless van?

  3. Dan C.

    I'd go for an Eldor/Gray (He?) two pack for next year's SDCC exclusive.

    This would have much more demand than Molarr (insert Neitlich nerd laugh here).

  4. @Newton Gimmick: There has been a lot of it lately.


  5. It's kind of funny how all this new MOTU stuff keeps being unearthed.

  6. MechaShiva

    Maybe the book just scribes the past/present/future of Eternia and it is just up to them to mess around with it.Great find,tho.

  7. Nik

    So Eldor opening a book is the MOTU equivalent of Superboy prime punching reality?

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