Happy Moss Man Day!

I get a nice break from the hell of ordering from Mattycollector this month, but for those of you who don’t, use this thread to document your experience.

Don’t forget that aside from the flocked ears/unflocked ears Moss Man, there’s also the Stratos reissue, DCUC 12 boxed set, and Movie Masters business suit Scarecrow.

I’m guessing that aside from the inevitable sell-out, the ordering process will be very smooth this month, with minimal screen-of-death.


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  1. mortent

    i'm debating whether to get tytus or not but it might be another fast sellout. i heard some of the bigger online shops like BBTS didn't even get a chance to acquire mossman this month to sell! the early sales before 12 is also a little fishy. i think this "glitch" happened before with mer-man or one of the earlier sales in 2009.

    moss man apparently is going to be reissued next year. trap jaw/battle cat could be the last reissue we see before king grayskull in december. so evil lyn and she ra reissues will likely will come in 2011.

  2. I think I'm glad I sat this one out. I was completely disheartened last month, and just didn't have the energy to try and get a Moss Man, although I would love to own one. I think I will try to get a Hordak next month, but probably not Evil-Lyn (due to the price I'm really having to cherry-pick the line).

  3. Nik

    Stratos reissue hasn't sold out yet. Is the line a failure now like DC two packs?

  4. Leonardo T Dragon

    Once again the combination of MattyCollector and Digital River proves that this line would be better off handled by the Marx Brothers!

  5. PresidentJuggernaut

    My only MOTUC figures are from the new TRU comic packs, and I have no desire for a Moss Man. But I'm on the fence about Stratos. He's my favorite MOTU character, so if I was ever going to order one, it's this reissue. But $20 (and in reality, $30) is too much. Especailly since he's what, the only character to have no accessories? Still tempted.

  6. d. verburg

    i tried to think ahead on this one. sadly, i had my wallet stolen last wednesday night and had to cancel my cards. i also have class from 9:40-11:30 MST on Mondays before i even get to the office, so ordering was a pretty rough prospect.

    though i guess it "encouraged a scalper" i just grabbed a pre-order on ebay last night for $35 and called it good. the price is a little bit high, but it was impossible for me to order this morning… and it seems i paid way less than some folks.

    dudes, if i could get you all a moss man at regular matty prices i totally would. everyone deserves a moss man πŸ™

  7. PrfktTear

    I'd be happy if Wave 13 didn't start hitting until late April… or later. I'm only really interested in Blue Beetle and Cheetah, and fortunately I'm not interested in the C&C.

  8. Nicholai

    @The Flash III: Very nice. As long as I continue to live in a wasteland of figures I suppose I'll just continue with the boxes then. Honestly I hope wave 13 (which I'm hugely excited for) is a ways off after buying wave 12.

    I'd also like them to announce if they're going to sell the 12inch Superman movie figure. I know not a lot of people were fans of the Zod, but I like him and would like a Superman to go with him.

  9. The Flash III


    Mattel has said they plan to continue to sell waves as box set, and, starting with wave 13, they'll be selling figures individually on the regular Mattel Web site.

  10. I could see there having been less Moss Men because TG did say Mossy "was made in the same range" which I took to mean less.

    I do think the "Rate Limiter" not really coming into play did decrease the sellout time. I could agree with Newton's angle on it too, but it seems like most of the WSOD reports came *before* the stuff went on sale and hardly anyone ran into it in those first five minutes.

    Which goes back to something else – if they had enough bandwidth to handle the sale, then why was site WSODing for nearly twenty minutes before?

  11. Thomas B

    Ryan. Way to go! Let us know it turns out. If he doesn't sell report him. The wording of the auction is your proof. If take a screen grab of it incase he alters the auction.

    Ha ha pine scented bloodbath lol I love it.

  12. Replicant

    Glad I've skipped Matty the last two months! The ordering process is such a pain in the ass! I'll have to pay more for the figs in the long run but I think it's worth it. Less b.s. to deal with it. I'm going to try to get Evil-Lyn next month. Hopefully I don't miss her!!!

  13. @Wes GRogan: Exactly and if you follow these things montly you'll see that first five minutes is usually smooth for x-amount of people. It's just that this time that's the only people who got served.

  14. @Newton Gimmick: Yeah, that makes sense. Like a ripple effect. First it sells to the people who get no errors, and then the next wave to people who get one or two errors, etc. The problem was that there wasn't any product left for anything but that first wave. I was watching status updates and the first couple were "Man, that was easy" followed by Mattelocalypse 2.0.

  15. I think you're seeing a false sense of "less refresh screens" because for the first five minutes or so EVERY MONTH people post up how it was so easy, in and out.

    Then as five to ten minutes rolls around everyone is complaining about the refresh screens.

    You didn't get that second part with all the complaining this month, not because DR did a better job, but because the toys were already sold out by then.

  16. PrfktTear

    @Nihcolai: a wasteland of Cyborgs and wave 6 figures. so you live in massachusetts as well then? πŸ˜‰

  17. Nicholai

    I think Poe might be on to something with the idea that DR had better bandwidth today or less traffic total than last month which resulted in fewer refresh screens, but which also resulted in faster sellout.

  18. @Newton Gimmick: Pine scented blood bath? Oh, that's a classic line..

  19. @Poe: With all the scuttlebutt about Moss Man, I can't in good faith believe they produced LESS of him. They knew going in he was going to be very popular or they would have never bothered with all the running changes.

    I think what it amounted to is that they only had a couple hundred flocked ears versions (if that) and a couple thousand regular versions.

    As we've seen in the past these regular versions sell out very quick anyway, but once you factor in the subscriptions and the flocked ears variants… Nobody stood a chance.

    It was a pine scented blood bath.

  20. JediCreeper

    yeah… I missed out again because I was stupid enough to bother with the flocked ears, and by the time I could fix my cart (without having 4 moss men instead of the 2 I wanted) both were gone…

    Mattel have perfectly devised away to make sure people drop the line, in that, I still feel I "collect" it, but I can't get the new figures anymore.

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