MOTUC weapons pack priced at $12

Most of us thought the MOTUC weapons pack was going to be $15, but apparently it’s $12. I bet those $3 make a huge difference to the wafflers. I smell another sell-out.

They’ve also added a page for Evil-lyn and pushed the sale back to April 19.


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Ta-Torr, Heroic Master of Potatoes


  1. dayraven

    @Reilly: hey, i'll help you out and take your unwanted weapons off your hands

  2. PrfktTear

    Is nobody else nostalgic for the electric blue weapons?

  3. I'm prepared for another typo, but I hope it's really 12 bucks. In that case, I'd guess that someone at Mattel suddenly panicked that this set might not be bound for success after all.

    I'm still amazed about Mattel's reality-defying announcement that Hordak's crossbow is white and Beast Man's armor is yellow.

    In the end, at 12 bucks, it's just $ 2.40 für each of the five weapons I'm actually interested in, so I'm gonna buy it despite the ton of useless stuff.

  4. americanhyena

    well I was gonna buy it for the Scareglow and Tri-Klops updates alone. This would just make me feel less guilty.

  5. Thomas B

    I was gonna buy two. At this price ill buy three

  6. Poe

    @Newton Gimmick: Ten?! Are your figures feeling particularly vulnerable and feel the need to be armed to the eye-teeth?

    "Who needs courage when you have…a gun?" –Professor Farnsworth

  7. I'm down for ten.

  8. Poe

    @DO4M: True, it could change. Particularly since the stands were $12, so this could be a Digital River error.

  9. Mysterious Stranger

    I was going to get one of the weapons packs at $15. At $12 I'll still get one. Hoping to get Hordak that day as well.

  10. PrfktTear

    WHAT?! Thats pretty nifty!

  11. DO4M

    I'm on the wait and see camp. Remember when MOTUC Battlecat was $20? It ended up being a typo. I'd be ready for the $15 pricetag just in case.

  12. I'm thinking it's another nod to the classics!

    Hear me out… The original was what… $3?

    So the $3 off should make us all feel warm n' fuzzy n' all nostalgic like now right? 😉

  13. Rinedog

    Your right, the $3 makes all the difference. I was going to pass on the weapon pack, but now I think that I'll definitely try to pick one up.

  14. Well let's see April 15th, I will be flying to Chicago for C2E2 so this is good right. I fly back on the 19th. Looks like I will be attempting a Matty order from an airport so keep me in your thoughts all

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