Pic of the Day

Kronis, Space Pirate by Poe Ghostal


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  1. Richard Grayson

    Some people call him a space cowboy…ba duh dum.

  2. Fantastic photo! Makes me want Trap Jaw even more.

  3. Mario

    I really thought I'd be able to "live" without Kronis, but the more I see him, the more I know I need to have him. This pic puts me over the top.

    Great work Poe.

  4. Nik

    Look at him sitting there. Enjoying his right arm and lower jaw. Little does he know… Little. Does. He. Know.

  5. Ryan


  6. MechaShiva

    Nice,Kronis would look good as a star trek baddie,the 80's have the best cyborgs!

  7. dwaltrip

    Great pic Poe.

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