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DCUC 2 Packs by toyrewind


DCUC Wave 5 returns on Mattycollector May 17th


Review > Moss Man (Masters of the Universe Classics)


  1. MechaShiva


    Yeah,Upcoming Kamandi has em.

  2. americanhyena

    Still wanna know where B'wana Beast's nipples are.

  3. captain Zero

    I still think a better selection of the 2-packs would have sold better… and allowed the 2-packs to continue.

    I would have bought into Adam Strange if he had been the "Classic" Adam Strange.

    A better villain would have gotten me on the other set…with a better looking UltraMan or Alex Luthor. Two better villains would have sold me.

    I liked Justice in the Jungle, and the Brainiac/Superman, …. and the 5 pack.

    Better selection would have sold me on all of the two-packs.

  4. barbecue17

    Nice picture. That Luthor would have been great with Brainiac. That pack would have moved.
    Those last few Matty 2 packs came out so well. It is a shame that they didn't sell. What's that? They're unavailable on Mattycollector.com? huh. peculiar. Does that mean they sold out? Did Matty only release 3,000 units, but wanted to sell 5,000? Who can tell?

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