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OK, this one’s just weird.

From Poester Jesse M:

My roommate and I were browsing the toy aisle at our local Super Walmart in Uvalde, Texas, when we came across this: a Gotham City 5 set with the DCUC Superman replaced with a DC Direct Superman. All the other figures in the set were untouched.

Curious, isn’t it? This person could have easily replaced Superman with one of the several Cyborgs that have been gathering dust for months, but instead switched him with another Superman, arguably equal to the one he took. It’s no excuse for his crime, but perhaps he wished his Karmic Payback be less severe?

Yeah…I own that DCD Superman, and I think he’s just as good, if not better than the DCUC version. So I don’t know how to feel about this one. It’s still vandalism, of course, but it’s not like you can’t get that regular DCUC Superman in the refresh packs these days…so I don’t know.

I guess his Karmic Payback is…someone steals his TV and replaces it with one of equal value. He still has the TV but his house has been broken into.


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  1. Wes

    @Newton Gimmick: That's the DCD Superman Superman from a while back, though it was rereleased in 2007 in the ReActivated line.

    Pretty cool figure; I alternate between using it and the DCSH Superman as my default.

    Maybe that troll did this as a benevolent gesture? Like, "Mattel keeps rereleasing this not-so-great Superman, so I'm going to hook buyers up by replacing it with a different and arguably better one!" I could see doing that if one had extra DCD Supermen around and just wanted a DCUC Supes for custom fodder or something. 😛

  2. Grenadier (aka Jesse

    Ha ha, no, it wasn't me. I already have Gotham 5 set. It was actually my roommate who pointed it out; what caught his attention was the "S" on Superman's chest.

  3. dayraven

    @Poe: i know poe, it was a joke… i had made that exact argument i believe in the second installment of this article when someone asked the same question i did… i was just funnin'.;)

  4. Poe

    @dayraven: I don't think this website is well-known enough for someone to do this deliberately. Too many variables–you have to hope someone else who visits this site sees it, takes a photo of it and emails it to me before the item is sold or a stock person notices the error and removes it.

    I suppose Jesse M. might have done it himself, but if so, that would be pretty sad 🙂 I don't think that's the case.

  5. dayraven

    you don't think there's a chance said perp was a poeser woh thought he'd get a pick in this here article, do you? cuz that's just plain WEIRD!

    i vote for his kharmic comeuppance, he get all his charmin ultrastrong replaced w/ angel soft, his lysol w/ febreeze sport, and his edge shave gel w/ barbasol.

  6. JediCreeper

    yep.. this is a weird one.. I really like that Superman more than the DCD one.. strange huh? I like his comeuppance.. having your home broken into is a scary feeling, even if nothing is really taken..

  7. What DCD Superman is that? He looks awesome.

  8. J_Malachai

    Huh. I live in Houston, and at one of the local Super Wal-Marts I came across one of the Gotham 5 packs with the same switch pulled. The only difference is that Supes had been replaced by his DC Direct New Frontier counterpart. Maybe this is just a Texas thing.

  9. wesitron

    That's the best Karmic Payback yet. Rather fitting.

  10. this post and the responses are hilarious.

  11. DO4M

    okay?? Why didn't he take the Superfirends Luthor as well? I'm no DCUC fan but I really like that Luthor…

  12. Mysterious Stranger

    He gets his TV replaced but NOT the remote. So he's stuck watching whatever channel its tuned to, unable to switch to the DVD player or cable box without getting his Cheeto-stained ass off the couch to change it.

  13. MechaShiva

    He gets a slightly older tv with less channels.I'd still get that pack, though.

  14. PrfktTear

    @Erin: Someone steals his TV and replaces it with one that only gets the Spanish channel and Home Shopping Network?

  15. I bet there's a problem with one of the joints, and he was switching it out for the first Superman he could find.

    Some kid could open this pack up and have the figure fall apart.

    Just in case I'm right, you'd better up his Karmic comeuppance.

  16. The Flash III

    Maybe he wanted better articulation?

  17. What the…? All I can think of, is the perp must have some kind of scale issue? Weird.

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