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  2. fallen eldor

    @ Barbecue17

    Ah, yeah. LOL. Thanks.

    @ Novelty

    Love it when I get called "Lfe" on forums where I'm just "FE". It always makes me LoL just a little bit! 😉

  3. Heh, I liked this one a lot.

  4. The Flash III

    Very, very amusing! Nice work.

  5. izdawiz


  6. Barbecue17

    @Fallen Eldor: They are both serious pegwarmers.

  7. Ditto about what LFE said. Otherwise it's great.

  8. Fallen Eldor

    Great comic strip. very funny. The only reference I didn't understand was Cyborg & Captain cold? What problem does Cap'n & Vic share?

  9. Barbecue17

    Fantastic! Great comic!

  10. DrNightmare

    What the…BEST COMIC EVAR.

  11. TAO

    Great stuff, fellows!

    I was hooked with Wonder Woman and nearly lost my soda with Power Girl.

  12. MechaShiva

    @Thomas B:

    Yeah,I had to cut some panels off and the neck joke was one of them.

  13. Thomas B

    what? no….

    "I'd love to see what you are looking at but i am not made to look up or down(the neck issue)"

  14. Thomas B

    "i feel your pain"

    "Kid flash only had it for a few seconds"

    haha all of them are great!

  15. Nik


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