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Mattel sends in their answers early this time around. This batch consisted entirely of my own MOTUC-related questions. Yes, sometimes I’m selfish. I’ll be submitting only reader questions for the May 15 round.

1.) Are you expecting to have many non-subscription SKUs for MOTUC in 2011? (For example, the army builder two-packs.)

We may indeed do other non-subscription SKUs but they will most likely be items like stands and accessory packs. Army Builder two-packs (if offered in 2011) will be part of the subscriptions.

2.) Popular characters such as Prince Adam and Orko are must-haves for most MOTU fans, and many are worried they won’t be able to get them. Without giving any specific numbers, are you producing enough Orkos and Adams to meet the predicted demand? Put another way, will there be as many Mattycollector sets of Adam/Orko as there will be Whiplash (counting the sub figures)?

If we sell out of the non-SDCC version of Orko/Prince Adam we will most likely go into a second run like we do most sold-out figures.

3.) Given that Count Marzo originated in the Filmation cartoon and never had a 1980s figure, how was he available for the Millennium cartoon and thus MOTUC? (Same goes for Evilseed, actually.)

A different agreement was in place when the 2002 series was made and at that time Filmation characters were available for the show. At the current time, only characters who were in the vintage line or the 2002 series are now available for the current MOTUC toy line.

4.) One of the vintage 1980s Meteorbs was a bad guy named “Gore-iIla.” His name might make for a good Gygor reuse; however, obviously he wouldn’t be able to transform. If you ever got around to the Meteorbs characters in MOTUC, would you want to maintain the transforming gimmick, or might we see a Gygor-ized Gore-illa — Evil Ape of Skeletor?

If we did get to the Meteborbs we would most likely try to maintain some transformation to keep the essence of the characters! Nothing is in the cards quite yet for these guys – maybe in time.

5.) Incredibly Nerdy Question Alert™: So far, every significant reuse or repaint has either been a new character (Zodak & the Goddess) or just a costume change (Battle Armor He-Man). A Millennium Evil-lyn, however, would have pale skin, raising the question of which is the “real” Evil-lyn in the MOTUC canon. Will there be an in-story reason for the skin tone change, or will repaints just be repaints?

The plan right now is if we do get to another 2002- type Evil Lyn she would be a lot more then a repaint. As for her bio, that remains to be revealed!

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  1. The Flash III


    I think they're taking a paternalistic role: they have to help the retailers because they're too dumb to figure out how to distribute DCUC.

  2. Heli

    From Bzzurrk: "One of the hardest parts of the business is making sure that the correct amount of product ships to each retailer so that every retailer has pegs with the newest figures and freshest products. It is hardly an exact science but one we work very hard at executing."

    But I thought the distribution stuff was all the retailers' fault. Has Matty somehow wrestled control of distribution away from the evil Toy Aisle Managers?

  3. 'Scalper Exclusive'.

  4. Nik

    The Original Original?

  5. Mysterious Stranger

    @Motorthing: I can answer that for you. Yes they did do it on purpose. Matty pulls a handful of names out of a hat each month and those orders get "lost" in transit or never happen. Its just another way to keep up the "excitement" of sale day. Will I get my figures this month? Ooo the anticipation.

    From one of the other sites I noticed they have a 3rd release of He-Man and Skeletor planned. What's the package bubble going to say on these? "More Original"?

  6. Motorthing

    Not bad this time around.

    Ask em if they deliberately lost my Trap-jaw to keep me pissed off at them next time – that one I would love an answer to….

  7. Thanks for Question 1 and the answer. It will definite help me make up my mind whether I want to get the 2011 sub or not.

  8. Excellent job on these questions, Poe!

  9. Thomas B


    their magic ball wasnt working and had to actually answer them this time lol.

    not bad answers….not bad at all.

    they were good questions answered as well.

  10. Poe

    @uchuace: These came from Scott.

  11. uchuace

    Scott (Toyguru) is temporarily out of the scene with a new baby and suddenly all the answers coming forth are concise and well, answers. Shame it's only temporary huh?

  12. The Flash III

    Of course they did–they were all questions about MOTUC (the line where everything sells out). Good questions, though.

  13. dayraven

    wow! three questions tangenitally related to motu millenium and nary an "anime style is retired!" retreat… did mattel… *GULP!* READ the questions we asked this month????

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