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I’ve never enjoyed a first-person shooter more than I did the original Halo (full disclosure: I’ve never played Half-Life or its sequel). The sequels were OK, but they never made me feel the same magic I felt whenever I played the first game–where I could knock out a Marine, swipe his sniper rifle, hijack a Banshee and fly to some hard-to-reach outcropping and snipe every single bad guy from half a mile away. Or maybe just kill everything with the pistol.

So it annoys me that while McFarlane has given us several Spartans in Mark V armor, including this Target-exclusive eyesore, we’ve yet to get a Mark V Spartan in green armor. It doesn’t even have to be the Master Chief per se–since I think McFarlane’s license doesn’t extend to the first Halo–but why not a regular Spartan in green Mark V armor? That’s all I ask. I don’t even collect McFarlane’s Halo stuff, but I want this one figure. Preferably with the original pistol.

Until they make one, I guess I’m stuck with my huge, but still kind of cool, Joyride figure.


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  1. Darren

    Honestly I'm surprised that we haven't seen a Halo 1 Master Chief yet. McFarlne seems to work in mysterious and counter intuitive ways! For example next June McFarlane is releasing a Halo 2 Master Chief. As far as I can tell Master Chief wears the same armor in Halo 2 & 3. The upcoming Halo 2 MC is a completely new sculpt by the way. Weird.

  2. dayraven

    the scale kills this line for me… but i sympathize w/ you master chief lovers. here they are inventing new iron man armors for the new movie lines, and we're missing at least four armors i can think of that were classic, well received versions.

  3. PresidentJuggernaut

    This is also the Master Chief version that I desire the most. Something about the original facemask design, I just like it more.

    Though the scale on these figures is a bit annoying for me too.

  4. I'm sure a Mark V Master Chief is in the works, but it probably wouldn't make it to shelves until after the Reach Series (which should be Series 9). I'd say Series 10 or 11, unless they just release Reach-themed figures for a few consecutive Series. And given how popular the multiplayer is going to be for Reach, they just might.

  5. Takeittothemax

    It's funny because I just replayed the original Halo. I wasn't sure how it would hold up and I have to say, there are moments in the first game that just make you feel like a complete badass that the other games never quite lived up to. I think it has to do with the shotgun being less prevalent in the later games.

    I, too, would dig a Mark V Master Chief. To be honest though, until this post, I didn't think the armors were officially different- I just thought it was Bungie putting more fancy textures on the armor to show off.

  6. Dead Man Walking

    @Poe:You can just delete those two since I was just trying to make the same point I made in the post that finally stuck.

  7. Poe

    @Dead Man Walking: I approved two of your spam-labeled comments and deleted the other three, since they were identical.

    I'm not sure why it labeled those as spam, though you might have better luck if you link links to text rather than just posting the URL.

  8. Dead Man Walking

    @Poe: Oh, I see.

    I'm the same way with Halo 1, in that it was such a monumental experience that neither Halo 2 (which I beat) nor Halo 3 (which I barely played) could measure up for me, even if they are the more refined games.

    Personally, I don't collect the Halo figures. As much as I like McFarlane's figures (yes, we exist) and as much as I like Halo, I can't stand that they're not in the 3-3/4", 4", 6", or 7" scales. I did buy the Legendary "McStatue" figures they put out, because they looked good and really fit in with my 6-7" scale figures.

  9. Grenadier

    I'm indifferent about this. I'm a huge Halo fan, but I came into the franchise with Halo 3, so the already-available Master Chief is my default. However, I do have friends who also love the first game, and having a Mk V Chief would give a sense of completion or evolution.

    Would I buy a Mk V Chief? Probably not, but I wouldn't mind seeing it on pegs.

  10. Poe

    @Dead Man Walking: The one in the TRU 2-pack is the Mark IV outfit from Halo Wars. A nerdy distinction, but a distinction nonetheless.

    There was also a Mongoose 2-pack with the Mark V suit in orange, I believe–but no green.

    As for the comment system, it should allow you up to two links–I'll check the settings.

  11. Dead Man Walking

    Isn't this the original Master Chief look with a bit of red:

  12. Jeff Cope


    As I undestand it, McF's license does cover Halo: Combat Evolved. They've stated on their forums that the license extends to all the games. So, why they haven't made a MKV Master Chief yet completely eludes me, too!

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