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  • You may have noticed PGPoA seems a bit…wider. That’s right, we’ve increased our girth, and completely without the aid of that terrifying Enzyte mascot with the rictus grin of a ten-month-old corpse. It was mostly done because I was finding it difficult to post certain videos, since the smallest embed options were larger than the 500px width I was using. The new width may screw up some of the older reviews, so let me know if you notice any, and bear with me as I fix them. Thanks as always to OB1 for the fix.
  • As I mentioned previously, PGPoA has brand-new forums in the hip phpbb style all the kids are talking about.
  • Evil-lyn and Wun-Dar arrived at Chez Ghostal this morning, though I won’t see them until I get home from work. Expect reviews next week–remember reviews?
  • The weapons pack is due to arrive Monday. In the meantime, check out this creative use of the brown Beast Man armor from the weapons pack. It makes Wun-Dar about 10x more awesome.
  • A few weeks ago, Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I saw How to Train Your Dragon. It was the first time I’ve seen a Dreamworks movie approach a Pixar level of quality. Other movies I’m psyched for this summer, for good or ill: The Losers, Iron Man 2, The A-Team, and The Expendables. Damn, the Expendables had better be good, because I want to love that movie so bad. (Before you ask, no, I haven’t seen Kick-Ass and have no interest in doing so, though I have no big qualms with it and wish it well.)
  • DC Unlimited’s God of War figures–because aren’t you tired of having to bend your well-articulated NECA Kratos into a squatting position and then leaving him that way forever?


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  1. dayraven

    really? i got a replacement of the original brittle ankle kratos from NECA 3 years ago… and never had the heart to open the new one for fear of a repeat… then bought the ares armor kratos and kept him as my preferred kratos… and unloaded the golden fleece one to a good home off a starting bid of .99… it's amazing to me how you formed an opinion having literally one of a litany of facts. but sure, thanks, i bought three kratos' and kept two, so that's totally scalping.

  2. Andrew

    @RM: Same here.

    @dayraven: Kinda sounds like scalpin', bro . . .

  3. MechaShiva

    Waa,I like the roomy redo!

  4. RM



    I liked the Weapons Pak, but couldn't justify getting it, as I knew I'd display all of the Classic characters with their trademark weapons/items, and couldn't rationalize the extra weapons if I wouldn't use them (as nice as they are), but seeing that re-fitted Wun-Dar makes me want to do that SO BAD…


  5. dayraven

    you laugh but thanks to that upcoming DC POS kratos, i just unloaded my golden fleece kratos on ebay for roughly 3 times what i paid for it…

    i'm psyched about the expendables at well… though the testosterone overload in the film might actually make me murder and skullhump the nearest co-patron in the joint… that might not be a good thing.

    wun-dar is nice, but that eternian map is a big disappointment… and i wasn't expecting much out of it in the first place.

  6. I♥AnimeskelesowrdsandMYPhaironheman

    Can’t wait for The A-Team… Now that’s the movie I hope it does not suck… Sure I’m excited about IM 2, but it’s THE A-TEAM…

    BTW is the shuriken thing on the pic from TMNT? (Surfing Mike… IIRC)

  7. Dark Angel

    *ROFL* at the Kratos comment. Yes, it is SUCH a chore buying all these super-articulated figures, finding the worst possible pose for them, and then supergluing every joint into place…*SIIIIIIIGH*. 😉

  8. Glad I'm not the only one excited for the Expendables.

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