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It Figures #48 > Old Moss


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  1. Fengschwing

    Beautiful work.

  2. MechaShiva

    @Dead Man Walking:

    He's cool and all it's just that what he is derided from should get proper credit.

  3. Templar

    The figure looks like the repainted 12 inch metallic blue-silver version of Mandarin Spawn…….Wish they also made this size in the original Red or Blue-Green variant, though…

    It's the figure that got me back to collecting over a decade ago..!!

  4. Dead Man Walking

    @MechaShiva: Meh. Every figure I own is going to end spend 99.5% of it's life on a shelf. I really couldn't care if they don't have a lot of articulation.

    So you don't like him because you don't like how he looks, or because he doesn't fit his name? If it's the latter, you could always call him "Indonesian Spawn."

  5. MechaShiva

    Barely move too,I never liked Mandarin spawn,looks more Indonesian than Chinese.

  6. Dead Man Walking

    I love the way good McFarlane figures photograph, and barely even look like toys.

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